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The River Bann flows through Ulster (in northern Ireland), separating Londonderry from Antrim. It drains Lough Neagh (which you can hardly miss on any map!) to the north, meeting the sea at Coleraine near the Giant's causeway. The map shows the area but does not include a lot of detail: if you want detail, buy a professional map! However, if there are places in the area you wish to locate then join the mailing list and ask there!

There is also

Bann Valley families mailing list

There are two a mailing lists associated with this site, One is for discussing matters related to Torrens families genealogy and the second for anyone descending from the Bann Valley families. Since many of the Torrens families originated in the Bann Valley area, the two lists are closely related!

See Genealogy Mailing Lists for full details and how to join or use the 'Join Us' button on any page.

Also available are the mailing list list archives.

Lavonne's data.

In 1998 and again in 1999, Lavonne Bradfield visited the Aghadowey/Garvagh area and collected a huge amount of data. She was busy transcribing this and other data which is on this site. Lavonne died in February 2018 so her own site has been incorported in the Babb Valley Data. Lavonne's own site is still available but she lost the ability to update it so many of the links are now dead.

A search of the genealogy on this site (use the search button at top) for "Lavonne" will show how very much we are all indebted to her for her tireless data collection.

Maghera Genealogy

Based on a 15 mile radius of the town of Maghera and covering the areas south of Garvagh / Moneydig right down to the shores of Lough Neagh, featuring records of some Bann Valley Churches and many other churches beyond will be found at Denver Boyd's website

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Other Bann Valley Resources

Torrens families genealogy also on this site, gives a lot of background to the Torrenses of the Bann valley. Much is of interest also to other families as there are of course marriage and other records and there are several documents quoted there.

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