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Bann Valley Families

The Bann Valley is a fairly closed community: there are a number of common families which tended to interbreed so there are certain very prominent family lines.

My own Torrens line is documented on the Torrens site. This section of the Bann Valley site is a repository for information on other families. So if you have trees of families from the Bann Valley, please use the Contact button so I can arrange to add them to this site.

This area of the site does not have the importance of my own section so is very much what contributors make it! If you can help please use the contact button!

Most common Names

In the 1796 Garvagh Church Visitation list there are over 200 different surnames listed. Among the most common surnames are:

AlexanderGray Martin PattersonToy
Brown Hammil McClenahanSmyth Turner
Campable Hill McCook Stewart Wallace
Dunlop Holmes McMullen Sutter Willson
Fisher JohnstonMcPherson Thompson Woodburn
Gilmore Kennedy Nickel Torrance Woodrah


Because few people (in the days we genealogists are concerned with) could write names were essentially verbal, so several different looking (when written down) can actually be equivalent. Here I will list some, but see variations in the spelling of Torrens.
Campbell = Gamble
Gamble = Campbell
Picket = Piggot
Piggot = Picket

So verbalise the name you are after, then think how it might sound, muttered, with an Irish, Scottish or other accent and put that down on paper.

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