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Boveedy Presbyterian Church Graveyard Inscriptions

Data collected and transcribed August 2004 by Helen Evans & Pauline O'Keeffe
Transcribers notes are emphasised.

Erected by HUGH S BOLTON in loving memory of his wife
Elizabeth Service BOLTON died Aug 1934
The above Hugh S BOLTON died October 1941

The COOKE family of Dullagh in loving memory

In memory of ROBERT GILMORE Boveedy died 23 Sept 1888 aged 84 years
Also his wife MARTHA died 19th Feb 1889 aged 74 years
And their son ROBERT GILMORE died 6th March 1936 aged 87 years
And their daughter ELIZABETH GILMORE died 13th Feb 1944 aged 32 years

In loving memory of JOHN GILMOUR Boveedy
who died 28th Feby 1884 aged 74 years
And his wife MARGARET T GILMOUR who died 13th Decr 1904 aged 74 years
Also their son JOHN B GILMOUR who died 27th September 1877 aged 21 years
And SAMUEL GILMOUR who died 18th March 1907 aged 97 years
Also their son Wm JAMES GILMOUR who died 13th September 1935 aged 76 years
And his wife MARGARET W GILMOUR who died 25th Feby 1948 aged 84 years
"And they did that which was right in the sight of the Lord"

In memory of WILLIAM HENDERSON late of Crossland
who died 23rd Augt 1875 aged 65 years
And his wife JANE HILTON who died 20th June 1897 aged 80 years
Also their children MARY who died 20th March 1873 aged 25 years
And ELIZABETH who died 28th Feby 1875 aged 19 years
Also JOSEPH HENDERSON who died at Portstewart
on 28th Decr 1904 aged 55 years
Also MARTHA HENDERSON who died 21st Jany 1940 aged 70 years
ROBERT HENDERSON who died 18th April 1943 aged 84 years

HILTON (3 graves together)

Erected to the memory of WILLIAM HILTON late of Dullaghy
who died on the 6th of December 18?2 aged 72 years
Also daughters MARY who died 5th June 1899 aged 72 years
And MARTHA who died 29th Sept 1906 aged 74 years

In memory of WILLIAM HILTON late of Dullaghy
who died 16th June 1902 aged 83 years
Also his wife ANN ELDER who died 5th July 1910 aged 74 years
Also sons HUGH who died 12th May 1896 aged 30 years
ROBERT who died 20th Feby 1897 aged 22 years
WILLIAM JAMES died 28th June 1940 aged 77 years
CHARLOTTE HILTON died 4th Oct 1956

Erected to the memory of NANCY daughter of the late
WILLIAM HILTON of Dullaghy who died on the 30th of June 1855 aged 28 years
Also her sister ELIZABETH who died 9th May 1875 aged 51 years
Also her niece MARY HILTON who died 11th Dec 18?3 aged 6 years

In loving memory of WILLIAM JAMES died 5th March 1956 aged 84

In loving memory of WILLIAM JOHN died 13th July 1962 aged 75 years
Also his wife ELIZABETH died 12th March 1978 aged 75 years
And their daughter-in-law MARGARET KENNEDY (Netta)
died 21st January 1987 aged 65 years

In loving memory of MARY JANE MICHAEL wife of JOHN MICHAEL Lismoyle
Who died 23rd January 1899 aged 60 years
Also the above named JOHN MICHAEL died 12th June 1912 aged 72 years
And their son JAMES D MICHAEL died 16th Sept 1922 aged 48 years
Also his wife ANNIE MICHAEL died 17th Feb 1940 aged 67 years
And MARTHA McCAUGHEY died 18th August 1946

In Loving memory of a dear husband and father ROBERT Wm
died 10th March 1981
And his son THOMAS G died 3rd January 1968

Large family plot Difficult to read.
In loving memory JOHN W STARRETT Dullaghy
who died 22nd July 1848 aged 80 years
Also his wife MARGARET ANDRSON who died 1st December 1848 aged 84 years
Their son JOHN BRAY? Died 12th April 1964
His wife ELIZABETH MARY who died 19th March 1978

In loving memory of MARGARET ANN STEWART of Boveedy
who died 6th August 1918
Also her son THOMAS STEWART of Omagh who died 8th September 1934
And her son JAMES STEWART who died 28th July 1904

The burying ground of ROBERT WALLACE 1910

In loving memory of ROBERT WALLS

WARWICK / GILMORE (3 graves together)

In loving memory of ROBERT GILMORE WARWICK
died 20th June 1961 aged 79 years
Also his wife ANNIE died 16th October 1966 aged 75 years
Their son SAMUEL KNOX WARWICK died 26th April 1995 aged 72 years
And his wife MAUREEN WARWICK died 20th Jany 1997 aged 71 years

who died 25th June 1866 (?) aged 86 years
And his wife ELIZABETH who died 10th Dec 1873 aged 93 years
Also their son SAMUEL GILMORE who died 2nd Decr 1888 aged 65 years
And their nephew GEORGE G WARWICK died 5th Feby 1906 (?) aged 61 years
Re-erected by WARWICK and PERRY 1895

died 18th February 1999 aged 47 years
Beloved husband of JENNIFER and father of STEPHEN and HEATHER

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