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Boveedy Presbyterian Church Stipend List

This is a Stipend List from the Boveedy Presbyterian Church dated November 1855. There are 41 names on it.

1John M'Ahan5/0
2John Graham0/9
3Archd. Wallace2/0
4Wm Gilmour2/0
5Wm Taylor1/0
6Jas Richmond2/0
7John Wallace3/9
8John Dorrens2/6
9Wm Wallace2/0
10Wm Wallace jr5/0
11Wm Sloan2/0
12Wm M'Ilfatrick2/6
13George Dalhouse2/0
14Wm Gilmour2/6
15Alllen M'Ilfatrick2/6
16John Cooke3/0
17James Cooke2/6
18Alexr Park2/6
19Alexr M'Ahan50
20Thomas Patterson2/0
21Wm Gilmour2/6
22Wm. Kennedy1/0
23Jas. Gilmour3/9
24Nancy Gilmour1/0
25John Fullerton5/0
26Widw. Lynn2/0
27Wm Hilton10/0
28Wm. Gilmour2/0
29Alexr. Gilmour2/0
30Widw. M'Caw1/3
31Wm. Falkoner3/6
32Jas M'Laughlin2/0
33John Stewart2/6
34John Moore1/3
35John Starrett10/0
36Robt Gilmour2/0
37Jo Bolton2/0
38Jas McKay2/0
39Robt M'Aleese5/0
40Wm. Hunter2/6
41John Kelso 1 1/2 years7/6
Total £6/3/3

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