Garvagh First Presbyterian Church Records

1st Garvagh was on the Kilrea Road and has unfortunately been demolished. Further information welcome (use the contact button!). Lavonne Bradfield has done a large quantity of work transcribing many of these records.

RecordDatesOn site dates
Baptisms 1795 - 1816 and 1822 - 1844Baptisms 1795 - 1924
1840 - 1849 and 1859 - 1945
Marriages 1795 - 1802, 1807 - 1814, 1822 - 1844Marriages
1845 - 1889
Census of Congregation1840none
Graveyard transcriptionsGraveyard transcriptions
Visitation lists1796 through 1840Visitation lists

As well as the graveyard transcriptions there is a list of the Torrens only stones transcriptions from J W Kernohan.

The Garvagh Church Visitation lists are a key genealogical source, being one of the earliest known detailed lists in the area.

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