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Garvagh Church Visitation Lists

According to the OS Memoirs, Rev. James Brown lived at Carrowreagh so one could expect him to set out daily from there to visit his parishioners. At least some of the Visitation lists are set out in what would appear to be visitation order and they do form a sensible route where townlands are definitely known. So where townlands are in doubt, the geographical location may be guessed from where they occur in the sequence.

This page is an attempt to list the townlands in day by day visiting sequence and it is successful in helping locate several of the otherwise un-locatable townlands.

It is interesting to place these townlands, and since families mixed locally and spread slowly outwards. Locating places can help guess relationships.

Most of the places mentioned in the Visitation lists can be located on modern 1:50,000 First series OS maps of the area and have a map reference C 89 18, but there are some which don't occur on the modern map but that I have located on a 1inch 3rd series map dated 1976 (scale 1:63,360) and have a map reference C 857153.


19th January 1796

Jan 25 1796

Feb 11 1796

Feb 2 1796

Feb 12 1796

Feb 16 1796

Feb 17 1796

Feb 24 1796

Feb 29 1796

Boleran C 808 199 and Bellraugh C 797 202 are possibilities.

March 2 1796


29th July 1818.

Aug 13 1818

Aug 10th 1818

Aug 13th 1818

Augt 18 1818

There is surely too much here for one day, but there appears to be no other date in the manuscript.


The 1825 lists are not dated so any division has to be a guess based on previous lists and geographical locations.
The only date on the list is 'Beginning in the summer of 1825' End of first day. End of second day. End of third day.


The 1840 lists are more difficult to arrange as a route. But since the original list seems to have been written on the odd pages, this list includes only places on these odd pages.

16th of March 1840

Monday 23 Dec 1840

Thursday 26 March 1840

August 1840

Aug 9 1840

Oct 5, 1840

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