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Kilrea Parish Church Records

Only partial records have been extracted, compiled from various sources.


Data extracted and transcribed by Derek Torrens.


MARRIAGES June 1829-Feb 1848

Following data extracted from Church registers - held at the Coleraine Borough Council office by Alison Causton.

DateGroom's forename and SURNAMEfull age or minormarital statusoccupationresidencegroom's Father's forename (surname given only if different)groom's father's occupationBride's forename and SURNAMEfull age or minormarital status (occupationif given)Bride's father's forename (surname given only if different)bride's father's occupationwitness 1witness 2
1 1846 Jan 8Alexander MICHAELfull agebachelor---Bovidie of T.C.WilliamfarmerMargaret CAMPBELLfull agespinsterLisleaNeilfarmerAaron CampbellJames Bolton
2 1848 Dec 8James RITCHIEfull agebachelormerchantWilliamfarmerMary Anne CAMPBELLa minorspinsterLisleaAlexanderfarmerNancy LennoxJames McKay (?)
3 1849 Jan 16Robert McCOY (McCay?)full agebachelorweaverMoyagney (?)Dead---Sarah Jane McCAYfull agespinsterLisleaAlexanderfarmerRichard McCotterWilliam John McCoy
4 1851 Feb 18Alexander CAMPBELLfull agebachelorweaverLisleaDead---Nancy McCOYfull agespinsterLisleaDead---Robert McCoyWilliam John McCoy
5 1851 Sept 8William McCOYfull agebachelorfarmerLisleaJohnfarmerMargaret McCOYunder agespinsterLisleaAlexanderfarmerWilliam John McCoyWilliam McCay
6 1852 Aug 26James McKAY29bachelorfarmerLisleaJamesfarmerMary Ann CAMPBELL22spinsterMoyknockJamesfarmerMatt (?) HineryJames Campbell
7 1860 July 3John CAMPBELLfull agebachelorlabourerLisleaAaronlabourerPeggy Anne MAYBERRYfull agespinsterLisleaRich'dsmithMargaret WilsonRichard McCotter
8 1861 April 5Robert HUTCHISONfull agebachelorfarmerDromore DesertmartinJamesfarmerRebecca McKAYfull agespinsterLisleaAlexanderfarmerJohn McKayWilliam McKay
9 1861 July 23William WARTER (Worker?)full agewidowerfarmerFinvoyDavidfarmerElizabeth CAMPBELLfull agespinsterLisleaJamesfarmerGeorge GardinerThomas Cunningham
Mary McAuley Post in Oregon said (Feb 2011), his correct surname is Warke. His first wife died (attended Finvoy Pres.) and he married this Elizabeth 2 years later. They attended Finvoy C of Ireland, lived at Dirraw in Finvoy Parish, and went on to have lots of children
101863 Nov 11David McKAYfull agebachelorfarmerLisnagrottSamuelfarmerJane McKAY19 yearsspinsterLisleaNealfarmerRobert RitchieWilliam Kilpatrick
111865 Jan 5James McKAYfull agebachelorlabourerLisleaJohnfarmerMaria GORDONfull agespinsterLisleaGeorgefarmerSamuel McKayJames Gordon
121865 Aug 10Gardener GAMBLEfull agebachelorfarmerLisleaJamesfarmerMary Jane McKAYfull agespinsterLisleaJohnfarmerJames McKayAlexander McKay
131866 July 18James KNOWLESfull agewidowerlabourerLisleaWilliamlabourerAnne CAMPBELLfull agespinsterLisleaAaronfarmerJames GordonWm Gardiner
141878 Dec 10William Alexander RITCHIEfull agebachelorfarmerLisleaJamesshopkeeperMary CAMPBELL19 yearsspinsterMoyknockAlexanderFarmerHenry Gardener (?)Hannah Evans
151879 May 26Sam'l McALLISTERfull agewidowershopkeeperKilreaJames (?)farmerCah (?) GORDONfull agespinsterLisleaJohnfarmerWilliam ElderAgnes Elder
161879 July 26William KILPATRICKof agebachelorfarmerLisleaWilliamfarmerMary McKAYof agespinsterLisnagrotDanielfarmerJohn McKayRobt (?) Killough (?)
171881 Nov 8John COLLINSof agewidowerfarmerDromard parish of TOCWilliamfarmerAnne McKAYof agespinsterLisleaNeil of the IslefarmerDavid BoydNancy McKay
181884 June 6William IRWINof agewidowerfarmerMoyknockJosephfarmerNancy McKAYof agespinsterLisleaNeilfarmerJohn MooreLizzie McKay
191885 Nov 11Robert BURNSIDEof agebachelorfarmerMoyknockJohnfarmerMargaret McKAYof agespinsterLisleaNeilfarmerJohn Henry McNicols (?)Robert McKay
201890 Feb 6Thomas Henry KYLEfull agebachelorcarpenterTyanee par of TOC Lower SamuelfarmerMargaret Ann McKAYa minorspinsterLisleaWilliam JohnfarmerJohn BallintineSarah L. McCotter
211892 May 10John ELISONfull agebachelorlabourerMerrylan (?) Co DonegalJosephlabourerMary KILPATRICKfull agespinster (servant)Clara Post Office KilreaSamuellabourerGeorge Kiro (?)Lizzie Kerr
221893 Feb 28Robert McKAYfull agewidowerfarmerLisleaAlexanderfarmerMaria McKAYfull agespinsterLisleaJohnfarmerThomas CampbellMatilda Campbell
231903 Jan 6Frederick Frances HOLMESfull agebacheloremployed in dye worksLislea JohnfarmerElizabeth Kinsmann McKAYfull agespinsterLisleaWilliam JohnfarmerWillis M. McKayMaggie A. McKay
241920 Sept 28Wm REYNOLDS22 yearsbachelorshoemakerTyanee Innarush (?)RobertfarmerIsabella McKAY23 yearsspinsterLisleaJohnfarmerDaniel A.E.S. McKayLizzie Reynolds

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