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St. Patrick‘s Church of Ireland at Kilrea
Vestry minute book

This could be an important source for some Kilrea area researchers. The following comments and extract are by Al Luce:

Microfilm #MIC/1/55 viewed at PRONI, Belfast on 25 Sep 2001
Also, original Vestry Minute Book viewed at St. Patrick‘s in Kilrea on 3 Oct 2001.

The following citation is from the microfilm viewing. I used the later viewing of the original Vestry Minute Book to confirm the microfilm citation.

Entries are handwritten and are transcribed as closely as possible to the original, using the original spelling, punctuation and capitalization. The old letter f has been changed to s based on context.

Initial entry:

"At a vestry held in the parish Church of Kilrea By the minister, Church wardens and parishioners The same on Monday in Easter week Being the 26th of March 1733. [The year could be 1733 or 1735 as the last digit appears to have been written over. On line historical calendars show 26th March 1733 as Easter Monday and the next entry in the book is dated 1734, hence my interpretation.] It is Ordered that William Bellingham and Daniel M‘Kennan serve as Church-wardens for the ensuing year, That the sum of five pounds be Applotted & levied for the use of the church By Distress or otherwise, That James Candor be allowed twelve shillings Yearly For keeping the Rod (?) and Steeple of the church in Repair, That Will Bellingham be paid the sum of five sh Ster for Glazing and Keeping the windows in Repair, That James Hendry and Dannl Blainey Continue Appraizers and John M‘Allister Applotter for the Ensuing year.

Memm That the Church wardens are allowed Six Shill Ster Each for their Expenses in Going To attend the next visitation. That ten shillings and ten pence Ster be Allowed to James Candor for latting(?) and plastering the Inside of the Church, Mr William Warren and John M‘Allister Be Judges of the Sufficiency of Sd Work.

That there is Three and Twenty Shills and four pence now in the hands of Mr Warren To be paid to The Sexon"
Mich Sampson Rectr, William Bellingham & Danniell McKiennan Churchwardens, James Candor, Wm Warren, Clott Moore, John McAllister Jnr
End of initial entry.

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