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Kilrea First Presbyterian Church Records
Baptisms in the Presbyterian congregation of Kilrea - 1844

Hugh Walker Rodgers, Minister

Page 70

Many of the dates on this page are in the page crease and not microfilmed
X82019? OctrSarah Jane14 SeprSaml Stewart____ McCoolKillymuck
X82119 OctrJames17 JuneThos ReaMargt M'ShaneKillymuck
X82225 OctMargaret10 SeprJno SimpsonMary MullanLisnagrot
X82312? NovrJohn29 OctrJohn TaylorJane M'AghanKilrea
X82412 NovrJames3 OctrJames DonaldsonMatilda Sprull?Kilrea
X82524 NovrFanny Jane19 SeprRobert CampbellJane WallaceKilreaFallahogy
X826--ember [in crease]Catherine31 AugtGeorge M'GregorMary LavertyMoyknock or Lislea
X827--th of --ry 184-[in crease]Thomas28 Novr 1843?Thomas SloaneJane DavidsonMoyknock
See also X683, X755, X887
X828-nth of 1844Margaret19 Novr 1843William M'ConnellMary Jane M'AghanKillymuck
X829???? of FebyEllen3 FebyWilliam IrwinMary SmithMoneygran
X830Jany?Mary Jane24 Decr 1844?Cornelius ToyJane WallaceCarnroe
X83128? FebyWilliam8 FebyJohn M'CloyNancy WoodsCarnroe or Tamlaght
X83222 MarchWilliam5 Novr 1843James L?ysonJane M'Guighon?Reastown
X83322 MarSamuel Hill27 Decr 1843Theos. O'NeillMargaret NeillyReastown
See also X561, X742, X903
X83422? MarElizabeth7 FebyJohn WilsonElizabeth CarmichaelLislea
X835? AplIsabella17 FebyThos SmythAnne BlackKilrea formerly Tamlaght
X836? AplMargaret2 AplJames CroweMary Anne M'Neil?Moyknock
See also X706, X939, X1032
X837? AplEliza Jane10 Decr 1843Jas CalderwoodJane KirkwoodArgenagh
X83829 AplMary5 AplSamuel MillingSarah M'ConnellKilrea

Page 71

X8392 MayNancy Jane17 AplJames GambleJane M'KayLislea
See also X598, X723
X84012 MaySamuel17 AplJohn AdamsNancy HoggClaragh
X84123 MayThomas29 MarThos GrahamEliza M'MullanDromaine
See also X310, X605, X493, X738, X753, X938, X1068
X84230 JunMargt Jane Taylor30 MarGeorge SnipeMargt Jane Taylor death?Moyknock
X84317 JulyElizabeth26 JuneRobert MorrellSerah Long?Carnroe
X84426 JulyMary Jane15 JulySamuel MichaelEllen MichaelBovidy
X84526 JulyHugh30 JuneHugh M'ShaneMary KelsoKillygullib
X8469 AugtWilliam11 JuneStewart DempseyJane HoggClaragh
See also X498, X617, X740, X929, X1017, X1079, X1181
X84730 AugtRebecca Anne13 Decr 1844Alexander RaineyRebecca BoydeKilrea
X84810 SeptJames18 AugtJohn GordonNancy CookeLislea
X84924 SeptJanette7 SeptRobt M'ChleryJane SmithMoneygran
X8501 OctrThomas21 AugtThomas GordonJane GordonLislea
X8511 OctrElizabeth25 JuneThomas MurphyMary NevinLislea
X85222 OctrWilliam Andrew25 SeprThomas LuskMarianne FaulknerLower Tamlaght
X85318 NovrJohn29 OctrJohn TaylorJane M'AghonKilrea & Lisnhen?
X85421 NovrJonathan2 JulyHugh BoydJane MillarKillymuck & Dromard
X85528 NovrWm John23 OctrSamuel KilpatrickJane M'KayLislea
X85629 NovrThomas7 NovrThomas HunterElizabeth CourtneyKilrea
See also X613, X710, X771, X940, X1013, X1076
X8571 DecrWilliam15 NovrJohn ToyNancy RitchieKilrea
See also X709, X816
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