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Kilrea First Presbyterian Church Records

This is a transcription of the Kilrea First Presbyterian Church baptism records.

The records cover the period from April 17 1825 through to 1895 and are arranged roughy in years. However we have kept pages of the originals together so that start and end of any particular year may in pracise be on the next year page. However - there's a year-by-year index on the bottom of each page so navigation is easy!

Hugh Walker Rodgers was the original minister from April 17 1825 to and another 43 pages from July 1832 to Apr 10 1852.

In 1852, James Maxwell Rodgers took over the ministry and the records continue until 1859. There are also later records up to 1871, which we do not (at this time) intend to transcribe.

The register is, in the early pages, one big list, containing a wealth of additional information. The mother's maiden name is usually shown and very often her former place of residence, even sometimes down to the street. We've not tried to formalise this listing as this would loose such incidental information.

This list part is also numbered, though sometimes numbers are duplicated and some entries are not numbered. These numbers are repeated here as the original to aid referring back to the original.

Around page 38, the numbering stops and the register gets pretty ragged. At page 42 (July 1832) the format alters and becomes a table, with entries unnumbered. The original is in pages of 6-8 entries and these are indicated in this transcription which is arranged approximately in years, but breaking at an original page boundary.

The register starts off in a very neat, very readable hand. However this does deteriorate over the years, so is not always fully readable. Where we are in doubt about a name or word, it is indicated with a '?'. There are also places, e.g. birth dates, where the minister did not have details at the time of writing so left a space for filling in at a later date. These spaces are indicated '________'.

There is also a page of Place Names where the place names are listed with a map reference (where we have located them).

Many of the families also have been cross linked - though we have not exhaustively checked for all possible links - a huge task! So do not think, because your entry has nothing linked to it, that this is the only reference to that family. Check for yorself!

The Pages

Note that page endings do not correspond with years: where the bulk of any page is one year, the whole page is under that year.

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Transcribed by Barbara Braswell.
Page's Author: Richard Torrens
First published: 29th October 2002.
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