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Kilrea First Presbyterian Church Records
Candidates for communion. 1825-1838.

Hugh Walker Rodgers, Minister.



Session Record. Nov 12, 1825.

The following persons were, after three months regular examination of their knowledge of Lord's word, admitted to commemorate the sufferings and death of Cht Jesus being recommended for that privilege by H.W. Rodgers.

Session Record. May 27th 1826.

At a full meeting of Session held this day the moderator Rev. Hu. W. Rodgers reported that the following persons have attended the sacramental examinations and he now moves they should receive tokens(?) of admission to the Lords Table for tomorrow-which was unanimously agreed to.

Session Record. October 21st 1826

The moderator found(?) that the following persons who had attended the sacramental examinations in a Christian manner for some time past should now receive tolkens(?) of admission to the Lords table for tomorrow-which was unanimously agreed to.

Session Record: April 28 1827

The following persons having given satisfactory evidence of their knowledge of and attachment to the faith as it is in Cht: are admitted to the Lords table for the first time.

Session Record: April 12th 1828

At a meeting of Session held here this day after prayer the following persons were admitted to the enjoyment of the privilege of communion with the congregation.

Session Record. October 11th 1828.

The following persons after having attended a series of sach:(?) examinations were recommended and ordered to be admitted as members in full communion with this congregation.

  1. Hugh Hunter----------Mary Kealey(?)------33. Margaret Wallace
  2. John Reid / his wife / Ellen Reid
  3. Thomas Hutton / do / Sarah Hutton
  4. William McLaughlin------Jane Thompson
  5. Jonathan Torrens / his wife / Esther Torrens
  6. Archibald Bolton / do/ Nancy Bolton
  7. Robert Young /do / Elizabeth Young
  8. Thomas McCotter /do / Peggy Anne McCotter
  9. John Taylor---------------Nancy McAughey
  10. William Taylor-----------Margt. Peden(?)
  11. Robert Woods------------Esther Peden
  12. Joseph Vance-------------Mary Bolton
  13. Samuel Michael----------Peggy McClester(?)
  14. William Reid-------------Anne Gordon
  15. Samuel Gordon----------Hannah Campbell
  16. Hugh McIlfatrick--------Elizabeth Martin

Session Record. April 11th 1829.

The following persons were admitted to full communion in this congregation in preparatory measure to the observance of the Lords Supper on tomorrow Sabbath 12th April.

Session Record. October 17th 1829.

The following persons having attended the prescribed course of examination and having received a good response from the Elders of their respective districts were admitted to the enjoyment of full communion in this congregation.

Session Record. November 13th 1830.

The following persons after various lengthened satisfactory examinations on the principles of divine truth were admitted to the full communion of this Church in prospect of the administration of the Lords supper here tomorrow Sabbath 14 November Inst.

  1. William Paul------
  2. John Duncan------
  3. William Mitchell-
  4. William Reid-------
  1. Mary Paul-------
  2. Anne(?) Paul-------
  3. Marianne Gamble
  4. Elizabeth Gibson
  5. Marianne McAughey
  6. Eliza McMullan

Candidates for Communion. April 1831.

  1. Mary Starratt, Killygullib
  2. Mary Campbell, Dromard
  3. Margaret Hamilton, Killymuck
  4. Matilda Armstrong----------
  5. Marianne Jamieson, Movanagher
  6. Martha Wilson, Tamlaght
  7. Jane Kelso, Drumlane
  8. Mary Gilmore, Timmaconway
  9. Anne Gilmore, do
  10. Jane McAughey [name scratched out]
  1. John McReynolds, Killygullib
  2. Cornelius Toy, Dromaine(?)
  3. John Johnstone, Dromard
  4. John Campbell--------
  5. Henry Huston, Killymuck
  6. James Michael, Lismoyle
  7. Robert Kelso, Drumlane
  8. Joseph Hunter, Kilrea
  9. James McAughey, K:muck

Session Record. November 5th 1831.
Candidates for Communion. Nov 1831.

[combined records]

The observance of the Lords Supper having been appointed for the 1st Sabbath November at a full meeting of Session the following persons became communicants for the enjoyment of full joint communion with this religious Cong(?) and were so received.

Candidates for Communion. August 19th 1832.

Candidates for Communion. April 1833

Candidates for Communion. 2nd Sabbath Nov. 1833.

Candidates for Communion. 3rd Sabbath April 1834.

Candidates for Communion. 3rd Sabbath of October 1834.

Candidates for Communion. 3rd Sabbath of April 17th [1835]

Candidates for Communion. April 10th 1836.

Candidates for Communion. 4th Sabbath October 1836

Candidates for Communion. 2nd Sabbath November 1837

Candidates for Communion. Sabbath 1838

Candidates for Communion. Sabbath of September 1838

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