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Kilrea First Presbyterian Church Records
Registry of Marriages in the Presbyterian congregation of Kilrea

parentsparents residencename
parentsparents residenceWitnesses
5 JanJames Huston
of Kilrea Congr
Wm Huston &
Betty M'Connomy
Killymuck_____Kilpartk?David Kilpartk
CarsonitesDavid Adams?
5 JanThomas Hogg
of Ahadowey
Late Saml Hogg
Nancy M'Cloy
CoolhillMary Brown
of Kilrea Congr
Jno Brown
Mary Gamble
GortinAlexr. Toy Jr
Mary? Cochrane
12 JanFrancis Bellingham
of Kilrea Congr
Wm Bellingham
late Margt Smyrl
Kilrea now America?Margt Dempsey
of Kilrea Congr
Edwd Dempsey
Anne Boggs
ClaraghThomas Woods
Jno Dempsey
Jas Smyrl
3 FebWm Kelso
of Kilrea Congr
Wm Kelso
Jane M'Callister
Kilrea CongrMargt Kelso
a Covenanter
James Kelso
Martha? Sloan
DromlaneJas Kelso
Jno M'Allister
11 FebJno M'Nair
of Kilrea Congr
Late Alexr M'Nair
Elizabeth Kennedy
Kilrea CongrJane M'Clyster
of Kilrea Congr
Alex M'Clyster
Late Anne Kirker?
KilreaWm M'Cartney
Henry Kirkwood
16 FebAlexr Toy
of Kilrea Congr
Cornelius Toy
Margt Gilmore
GortinMary Cochrane
of Kilrea Congr
Late Archd Cochrane
Jane Gamble
CarnroeJno Brown
Thos Hogg Sr
Thos Hogg Jr
8 MarJas Ellis
of Kilrea Congr
Jno? Ellis
Late Elizabeth Gamble
CraigsJane Young
of Kilrea Congr
Jno Young
Mary Marland?
DrumnagardnerPatk Battie?
Hu? Young
6 AprArthur Stewart
of Kilrea Congr
Arthur Stewart
Margt Young
DromlaneJane Campbell
of Kilrea Congr
William Campbell dead
Jane Macready?
Tamlaght CrillyJas? Macready
Jno M'Allister
8 AprJonathan Torrens
of Kilrea Congr
Thos Torrens
CoolimanMargt? Jamieson
of Kilrea Congr
Jonathan Jamieson
Jane Thompson
MovanagherSaml Smyth
Hu Jamison
25 MayFrederick Patterson
a Covenanter
Joseph Patterson
Mary Campbell
LisleaElizabeth Irwin
of Kilrea Congr
Late William Irwin
Jane Young
MoneygranThos M'Cotter?
Robt Irwin
Margt Patterson
Jno Gordon
16 JulyMatw Moore
of Kilrea Congr
Jno Moore
Margt Davison
KilreaSusan Winter
Church of England
Wm Winter
Margt M'Cann?
KilreaJno Moore
Robt Winter
Henry Kirkwood
28 JulyThos Smylie?
of Kilrea Congr
Thos Smylie?
Martha Martin
Dromore nr LetterkennySusanna Magennis?
Jas Magennis
Margt M'Laughan?
near North Limavady
Jnthn Torrens
Wm Doherty
7 OctChas Stewart
of Kilrea Congr
Jas Stewart
Martha M'Connell
MoyknockNancy Reid
of Kilrea Congr
Late Wm Reid
Mary Campbell
MoyknockJas Stewart
Saml Reid
Thos Snipe
9 OctAlexr M'Kay
of Kilrea
Late Alexr M'Kay
Margt Clary
Maria Newall
Church of England
Wm Newall
Betty Ann Dimond?
KilreaWm M'Aughey
Robert Woods
Henry Kirkwood
26 OctWm Reid
of Timmaconway
 Kilrea CongrMargt Kelso
of Kilrea Congr
Hugh Kelso
Mary M'Aughey
KillygullibHugh M'Shane
16 NovWm Taylor
of Kilrea Congr
John Taylor
Late Peggy Moore
Kilrea CongrMargt Dinsmore
of Kilrea Congr
Wm Dinsmore
Martha Mays
Tamlaght OCrillySaml Kelso
Hugh Taylor
Jno Dinsmore
26 NovWm Crawford
of Kilrea Congr
Robt Crawford
Susan Duffin
MoyknockMary M'Aughey
of Kilrea Congr
Saml M'Aughey
Jane Gardiner
LisleaSaml Crawford, Saml Steel?, Sally? M'Aughey
13 DecJohn Gibson
of P:none Congr
Jas Gibson
late Nancy Crawford
Killycogan parish AhghillMarianne Kyle
of P:none Congr
Wm Kyle
Mary Brown
Parish T:Ocrilly
Hu Barkley
Saml Kyle
Chas Keown?
14 DecJames Gamble
of Kilrea Congr
Aaron Gamble
Eliza Gardner
LisleaJane M'Cay
Church of England
Jas M'Cay
Nancy M'Shane
LisleaRobt Gamble
A?al? M'Cay
Jo Halliday
16 DecArthur Mullholland
Ch. England
Jno Mullholland
Mary Brizzell
KilreaJane Waddell
of Kilrea Congr
Thos Waddell
Mary Crawford
KilreaThos Waddell Jr.
Sally Crawford
Mary White
26 DecHu Kelso
of Tamlaght
Hu Kelso
Tamlaght OCrilly_____ Paul
of Tamlaght
Late _____ Paul
TamlaghtAaron Workman
Paul Kelso
26 DecGeorge Brown
of Kilrea Congr
David Brown
KilreaElizabeth M'Entire
George M'Entire
Jane Adams
????? police
30 DecWm Workman
of Bovedy Congr
Elizabeth Simms
of Kilrea Congr
_____ Simms
Mary Millar
DromlaneH Taylor
Jas Stewart
Thos Woods

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