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Kilrea First Presbyterian Church Records

Kilrea Parish
County Londonderry

Notes on some of the names in the registers

In an early transcription of one record, I was informed of the surname Actice. Not a name I had heard before. Upon seeing a copy the original name, it became clear that this was a misreading of O'Neil.
Miller or Wilson
The way Hugh Walker Rodgers writes his M can be extremely similar to the way he writes W. The picture show part of the entry for 22 Feb 1832.
This is clearly Jas McAughey and Wm McAughey but not how similar the W is to the M.
This, combined with the general discolouration makes the name Wilson very difficult to distinguish from the name Miller. We think we have it right, but be wary! Both names occur in the area.
Smyrl or Semple
The name Smyrl occurs frequently. However at one point I read it as Semple and, reviewing it, I really cannot be certain. There are however plenty of Smryls in the area, whereas Semple is no common.

There are of course plenty of other opportunities for misreading. Of you have any confirmation or clarification, please use the Contact button to email me.

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