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Moneydig Presbyterian Graveyard

A lot of data has been collected concerning Moneydig Presbyterian Graveyard: in August 1998, Lavonne Bradfield visited it and transcribed the grave stone inscriptions. Then in November 2000, Derek Torrens acquired copies of the official plot maps. The earlier map dates to 1867. It was copied in 1922 and the copy was added to in 1957. However, it was clearly not well related to the actual plots, so a new map was made, at an unspecified date. These maps have attached long list of names, which are presumed to be the names of the people who paid for the plots.

In the hope that cross-referencing these two maps would be useful, I re-drew the new map on the computer. You can download the map below. Old plot numbers are in black, new plot numbers are in red. In addition, the individual plots are colour coded as the key at top of map. I had hoped that this exercise would show up more clues, but it proved to be of less use than I had hoped, though it may well be useful to someone visiting the graveyard.

Also available are the list of plot owners for the old numbers and for the new map. It may be of interest to some to compare the names on these two lists with Lavonne's grave stone transcriptions, which are also available. I have re-worked Lavonne's transcriptions and have given each a number, in black. Then in red I have inserted the plot number (new list) where it clearly agrees with the new list.

The new list also includes a number pointing to Lavonne's transcriptions.

As seems to be the case with most of the available records - what appear to be a huge and useful resource ends up by giving a disappointing amount of useful data! It is clear that the listed names are those of the people paying for the plots and not the residents, so it is often not possible to match Lavonnne's records with the plot lists. As a result, the plot lists do not add as much to our knowledge as had been hoped. However, the information is given here as the two lists, combined with the map and Lavonnes's transcriptions may well make much more sense when compared with the actual resident of the plots. There is much here that may repay a dedicated future visitor.

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Data collected by Lavonne Bradfield and Derek Torrens.
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