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Ministers of Moneydig

Found in a Baptismal Record

Cover page for the Register reads:

The Property of The Presby Congregation of Moneydig, 1857
by Revd Henry Cooke Stuart (7th Minister)
Installed 8th Oct 1936

Baptismal Register
For the
Presbyterian Congregation of Moneydig 1857
Paton and Ritchie, 3 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

Moneydig Con erected in 1834

1st minister: Patrick Rogers Kilbough
Ord Dec 12, 1837
Died Aug 21, 1856

2nd minister: Henry H Finlay, born 1830
Lic Colerain Presby 1854
Ordained June 30, 1857
Resigned April 3, 1863 on appointment by Board of Missions to go to Australia. See ? Herald 1865, p. 352

3rd minister: Wm McCay, born 1835. Lic by Belfast
Presbytery 1863; ord Moneydig Nov 3rd 1863
Retired Nov 7, 1916
Died Aug 9th 1921

4th minister: Wm Hall Stewart, B.A.
Ord Apr 4, 1917, App Chaplain to Forces
Dec 1917. Demobed Novr 15, 1919, resigned June 30, 1922

5th minister: Rev Wm John Latimer
Installed July 14, 1923
Resigned April 15, 1931

6th minister: Rev Gordon T C Clements, B. A.
Installed Dec 31st 1931

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