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Rasharkin Presbyterian Church


Source: Civil registrations

Only selected records have been extracted.

DateGroom's forename and SURNAMEfull age or minormarital statusoccupationresidencegroom's Father's forename (surname given only if different)groom's father's occupationBride's forename and SURNAMEfull age or minormarital status (occupationif given)Bride's father's forename (surname given only if different)bride's father's occupationwitness 1witness 2
1846 Nov 12James KILPATRICKfull agebachelorfarmerMagheraboy RasharkinWilliamfarmerSally LEITCHfull agespinsterCraigs FinvoyFrancisfarmerArchy KerryThomas Henry
1846 Nov 19Sam'l GRAHAMfull agebatchelorfarmerFernagh RasharkinRob'tfarmerJean (?) ALEXANDERfull agespinsterDrumcon RasharkinJas.farmerThos HenryJas (?) Wallace
1858 Feb 19James ANDERSONfull agebatchelorfarmerGortaharJas.farmerMary Ann KILPATRICKfull agespinsterGortaharW.farmerRobert KilpatrickRob't Carson
1858 Mar 29William BEVERLANDa minorbatchelorfarmerBurnquarter BallymoneyW.farmerLena CAIRNSfull agespinsterCarnfinton RasharkinJohnfarmerRobert PinkertonJames Pinkerton
1864 April --James CARSONfull agebatchelorfarmerLashikan FinvoyJas.farmerJane KILPATRICKfull agespinsterGortahar RasharkinJas.farmerArch'd KerryJohn Kilpatrick
1875 Dec 2Andrew KilloughFull ageBachelorFarmerMoneyleck, RasharkinGeorge KilloughFarmerMary Jane WilsonminorGranagh,RasharkinRobert WilsonFarmerDavid McMullanElizabeth Ann Wilson
1900 Jan 17Hill DICKEYfull agebatchelorLabourerKillymuck, Co. DerryJohn DICKEYfarmer Elizabeth MILLARspinsterDrumard, Co. DerryJamesfarmerAlexander McConnellAnnie M. Black

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