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Tamlaght O'Crilly Churchtown Presbyterian Church, Tamlaght

This church is also known as Churchtown Church or Tamlaght Scots Presbyterian Church.


Parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly

Tamlaght Scots Church was erected AD 1836
The Church is in the village of Tamlaght, OS map reference C 910 060.

Ministers of Churchtown

Ministers and their dates as given in the Churchtown Presbyterian Church by Robert M. Armstrong, 1986.

Rev. Andrew Mitchell Oct1836-Aug 1837
Rev. Robert TorrensJun 1839-Dec 1876
 Elders 1842:John McReady
 Samuel Stewart
 Samuel Loughlin
 Robert Brown
 Elders 1862:James Connor
John Davidson
John Stewart
Matthew Caskey
William McKeown
Rev. Robert John SmythDec 1876-1879
Rev. William James StrongeJul 1880-May 1883
Rev. Henry Cunningham MulhollandMar 1884-Dec 1928
Rev. John Allen RossDec 1928-Nov 1931
Rev. John Joseph Adams RaineyAug 1933-

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