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Tamlaght O'Crilly Upper Church of Ireland
Graveyard transcriptions

St Patrick's Church of Ireland
Minister: Cannon Rev R J Stewart

This is a big churchyard with a beautiful church.
There are lots of very old headstones here and we only had time to chart some of the oldest headstones and ones of interest to us. Owing to wet weather we had to cut short our time to catalogue.
Needs further research.
Information collected by Pauline O'Keeffe and Helen Evans —August 2004

Thomas died 2 Aug 1900
Wife Margaret Jane died 30th April 1908 aged 78 years
Son John died 2nd Dec 1904 aged 41 years

Erected by CISSIE BLOOMFIELD Killygullib
in memory of her mother MARY JANE who departed this life 27th Oct 1966 aged 72 years

Erected by THOMAS BOGGS in memory of his father SAMUEL BOGGS
late of Drummcannon who departed this life
9th August 1888 in the 83 year of his age
Also his mother MATILDA BOGGS
who departed this life 27th February 1893 aged 84 years
Also his two infant children
TILLIE and NANCY who died in infancy

in loving memory of her dear husband SAMUEL BOGGS
who died 19th Dec 1925 aged 82 years
Also their son JOHN BOGGS who died 17th March 1920 aged 19 years
And their child who died in infancy

Here lies the body of JAMES CATHERWOOD
died Jany 1774 aged 64 years
Also daughter CATHERINE ??

Mary died Nov? ? years - old sandstone

In memory of WILLIAM KIRKWOOD who died 28th Jan 1908 aged 79 years
Also his wife MARGARET who died 6th Nov 1907 aged 81 years
who died 1st July 1913 aged 59 years

John died 18th Jan 1909 aged 76 years
Katie died 20th Oct 1882 aged 6 years
Alice died 3 Feb 1899 aged 17 years
Lizzie died 25th Nov 1908 aged 36 years
Wife Rachel died 16th Nov 1912 aged 70 years
Grandson James died 5th Dec 1923 aged 10 years
Grandson John died 4th July 1962 aged 37 years
Father James Lennox died 6th Aug 1962 aged 80 years
His Wife Letitia died 18th Aug 1978 aged 82 years

William John McCahon died 1st Feb 1926
Isabella McCahon died 27th June 1944
Son David Shields McCahon died 22nd Nov 1961

Lisgorgan Robert McCahon died 8th Aug 1943 aged 56 years
Son James Gordon McCahon died 25th Sept 1925 aged 3 years
Wife Martha McCahon 14th June 1974 aged 87 years
Son William John McCahon died 23 rd Sept 1975 aged 58 years
Grandson Wm Henry died 21st Nov 1984 aged 23 years

Sacred to the memory of James McIntyre Claragh died 16th Feb 1875
His wife Margaret died 1884
Their daughter Annie died 17th May 1905 and
Margaret died 14th Nov 1915
Their sons Stewart died 28th Feb 1919
Charles died 8th March 1919
James died 15th April 1919
”Peace, perfect peace•
this memorial was erected by the executors of the last named James McIntyre
This stone appears to be almost a duplicate of one in Church of Ireland Kilrea

John McKay - Killigullib died 29th Oct 1937
Elizabeth McKay 24 July 1944
Son, Smyth Kennedy Burnett died 30th March 1970
His wife Anna Jane died 16th May 1988

Erected by GEORGE McKAY Drumlane
in memory of his father WILLIAM JAMES McKAY
who died 24th February 1934 aged 76 years
Also their mother MARY SARAH McKAY who died
5th October 1950 (?) aged 84 years
Their daughter SARAH ELIZABETH died 1st June 1970
Their son GEORGE died 19th October 1976
And their daughter CATHERINE MARGARET died 19th October 1998

Here lieth ye body of HUGH McPEAK who dep Sept 10 ? 1863 aged ?

Here lyieth body of ANN McPEAKEY
dep June ye 1 1770 aged 55 years

In loving memory of my dear mother ISABELLA LENNOX
died 15th Sept 1907 aged 76 years
Also my dear father ALEXANDER MICHAEL
who died 10th (?) March 1908 aged 80 years
Erected by their daughter MARTHA

Hugh Mullan March 1855? Aged ?? years

In loving memory of HENRY NEELY Tivaconaway died 1st April 1919
Also his wife SARAH ANN died 2nd March 1889
And their sons GEORGE died 29th March 1937
ROBERT died 29th Sept 1945
Also their daughter ELIZA died 26th Nov 1951
And their son JOHN died 8th Sept 195?
Also their daughter MARGARET ANN died 17th Sept 1960
And their daughter AGNES JANE died 29th June 1969

Thomas Palmer ?
William Palmer 4th Jan 1883
Sarah Palmer 5th June 1889 aged 92 years?

Erected by ROBERT J POLLOCK of Australia brother of SMYTH POLLOCK Drumoolish in memory of
ROBERT POLLOCK died 8th Jan 1876 aged 98
His wife ISABELLA died 4th May 1869 aged 86 years
SMYTH POLLOCK died 26th Aug 1927 aged 99 years
His wife NANCY died 13th Jan 1910 aged 60 years
ISABELLA POLLOCK died 28th May 1905 aged 28 years
THOMAS POLLOCK died 24th April 1937 aged 60 years
ARCHIBALD POLLOCK died 10th June 1973 aged 91 years
ARCHIBALD POLLOCK died 12 Aug 1983

Margaret died 7th Jan 1884 aged 60 years
Robert died 29th July 1892 aged 103 years

Simms Margaret (Druagannon) died 29th July 1874 aged 74 years
Simms William (husband) died 3rd May 1884 aged 83 years
Grandchild Lizzie Torrens Boyd died 30th June 1889 aged 11years
Son-in-law Washington Smith died 21st March 1814 aged 74 years
Daughter Matilda Jane Smith died 23rd April 1915 aged 72 years
Margaret Simms died 28th April 1915 aged 71 years

William Stewart — Killymuck died 12th Feby 1855 aged 91 years
Wife Ann died 21st May 1852 aged 86 years

Andrew died 10th July 1825? old sandstone

Erected in memory of JOHN WALLACE surgeon late of Kilrea who died 25th September 1845 aged 56 years
Also his wife MARGARET who died 12th March 1875 aged 80 years
And their two sons who died in infantcy actual spelling

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