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Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1858 and 1859

Parish of Errigal


Anderson, Henry, Dunnavenny Noted : Agent Wcoi.
Andrew, John, Gortfad
Arthur, John, Cah
Ash, William H., Garvagh


Bell, David, Mettican Glebe
Bell, David , Tamnymore
Bell, Samuel, Belraugh
Bell, Thomas, Mettican Glebe
Black, John, Brockagh
Blair, Matthew, Gortnamoyagh
Boy, John, Boleran
Boyce, Mary, Cah
Boyce, Robert, Cah
Boyce, Thomas, Cah
Boyce, Thomas,Cah, Noted : Carp
Boyce, Thomas, Crockindollagh
Boyd, William, Inshaleen
Boyle, John, Tibaran
Bradley, Charles, Ballyrogan
Bradley, Henry, Coolcoscreaghan
Brown, Robert, Coolnasillagh
Brown, Robert,Mayboy
Bruce, Anne, T/Garvagh/Main Street


Campbell, William, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Canning, Charles, Tamnymore
Canning, James, Farrantemple Glebe
Canning, James, Gortfad
Canning, Thomas, Farrantemple Glebe
Canning, William, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Carland, John, Gortnamoyagh
Carr, John, Glenkeen
Caskey, James, Tibaran
Cassidy, Daniel, Lisnascreghog
Cassidy, James, Ballintemple
Cassidy, James, Brockagh
Cassidy, Sarah, Slaghtaverty
Cathcart, Martin, Gortnamoyagh
Clyde, Solomon, Brockagh
Clyde, Solomon, Gortfad
Cochrane, Margaret, Garvagh
Cochrane, Margaret, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Connell, Charles, Coolnasillagh
Connell, John, Meencraig
Connor, Patrick, Mayboy
Conway, Alexander, Mettican Glebe
Conway, Allan, Cah
Conway, Hugh, Cah
Conway, Saml. , Cah, Noted : Hugh
Corry, Neal, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Courtney, John, Farrantemple Glebe
Craig, George, Inshaleen
Craig, Robert, Inshaleen
Craig, Robert, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Creighton, James, Liscall
Creighton, John, Gortfad
Creighton, Thomas, Gortfad
Crilly, James, Farrantemple Glebe
Crilly, Michael, Brockaghboy
Crilly, Patrick, Brockaghboy
Cunningham, Alex., Cah
Cunningham, Alexander, Liscall
Cunningham, Anne, Cah
Cunningham, Dorah, Cah
Cunningham, James , Cah
Cunningham, John, Jr. ,Tamnymore
Cunningham, Robert, Cah


Darragh, Arthur, Mettican Glebe
Darragh, Henry, Mettican Glebe
Darragh, John, Mettican Glebe
Darragh, Arthur, Errigal, Mettican Glebe
Darragh, John, Mettican Glebe
Davidson, George, Gortfad
Deighan, Bryan, Slaghtaverty
Dempsey, James, Brockagh
Dempsey, John, Boleran
Devany, John. Cah
Dillon, Denis, Coolcoscreaghan
Dillon, Hugh, Coolcoscreaghan
Dimond, John, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Dimond, Manus, Brockagh
Dixon, John, Shanlongford
Dobbin, William, Gortnamoyagh
Doherty, Catherine, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Dogherty, Daniel, Ballyrogan
Dogherty, Michael, Ballintemple
Doherty, Hugh,Coolnasillagh
Doherty, John,Tamnymore
Doherty, Mary,Tamnymore
Doherty, Neal,Coolnasillagh
Doherty, Roger, Shanlongford
Doherty, Thomas, Coolnasillagh
Donaghy, Byran, Gortnamoyagh
Donaghy, Mary, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Donnelly, Charles, Liscall
Dripps, Alexander, Ballyrogan
Dripps, Alexander, Freugh
Dripps, Alexander, Liscall
Dripps, Robert, Garvagh
Dripps, Robert, Gortfad
Dripps, Robert, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Duggan, Patrick, Townland ofGarvagh/Main Street
Duggan, Peter, Coolcoscreaghan
Dunlop, Andrew, Mettican Glebe
Dunlop, Andrew, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Dunlop, Charles, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Dunlop, Elizabeth, Townland ofGarvagh/Main Street
Dunlop, Hugh, Garvagh
Dunlop, Hugh, T/Garvagh/Main Street


Elder, Paul County, Gortfad


Feighry, Catherine, Mayboy
Feighry, James, Belraugh
Feighry, Michael, Mayboy
Fisher, Archibald, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Fisher, Archibald, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Fleming, Jane, Belraugh
Fleming, Thomas M. K. , T/Garvagh/Main Street
Forgave, Anne, Cah
Forgave, James, Cah
Forgave, Jane, Cah
Forgave, Thoma, Cah
Forgrave, Jane, Liscall
Forgrave, William, Cah
Forsythe, John, Inshaleen


Gage, Rev. Robert, Mettican Glebe
Gallagher, John, Garvagh
Gamble, Anne, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Garvagh, Lady, Brockaghboy
Garvagh, Lady, Cah
Garvagh, Lady, Coolcoscreaghan
Garvagh, Lady, Garvagh
Garvagh, Lady, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Garvagh, Lady, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Garvagh, Lady, Tamnymore
Gibson, Simon, Gortfad
Giles, James County, Mayboy
Gillespie, Alexande, Freugh
Gilmore, Alexander, Inshaleen
Gilmore, Alexander, Mettican Glebe
Gilmore, Archibald, Gortnamoyagh
Gilmore, David, Inshaleen
Gilmore, Jane, Inshaleen
Gilmore, John,Inshaleen
Gilmore, John, Farrantemple Glebe
Gilmore, Robert, Inshaleen
Gilmore, Thomas, Inshaleen
Gilmore, William, Garvagh
Gilmore, William, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Glass, Robert, Crockindollagh
Glenn, David, Liscall
Glenn, John, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Goodwin, Samuel, Glenkeen
Goold, Alexander, Boleran
Goold, David, Boleran
Goold, James, Boleran
Goold, John, Garvagh
Goold, John, Mettican Glebe
Gowd, David, Coolnasillagh
Gowd, William, Crockindollagh
Gowdy, Robert Thos., T/Garvagh/Main Street
Gray, Alexander, Garvagh
Gribben, John, Drumbane
Gulligan, Miss, T/Garvagh/Main Street


Hagan, Anne, Brockagh, Noted: Frank
Hagan, Charles, Altduff
Hagan, Charles, Brockaghboy
Hagan, Daniel, Brockaghboy
Hagan, Francis, Jr., Brockaghboy
Hagan, Hugh, Farrantemple Glebe
Hagan, James, Coolnasillagh
Hall, John, Belraugh
Hall, William, Belraugh
Hamsey, Alexander, Farrantemple Glebe
Hamsey, John, Farrantemple Glebe
Harken, Charles, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Harken, Sarah, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Harkin, James, Coolcoscreaghan
Harper, James, Tamnymore
Harpur, Thomas, Inshaleen
Harrison, Alexander, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Hassan, Patrick, Brockaghboy
Hassan, Patrick, Jr., Lisnascreghog
Hassan, Patrick, Sr., Lisnascreghog
Heany, Bernard, Gortnamoyagh
Hegan, Bridget, Brockagh
Hegan, Charles, Farrantemple Glebe
Hegan, Daniel, Glenkeen
Hegarty, Andrew, Brockaghboy
Hegarty, Daniel, Brockaghboy
Hegarty, George, Brockaghboy
Hegarty, John, Brockaghboy
Hegarty, John, Brockaghboy, Noted: Tailor
Hegarty, Thomas, Brockaghboy
Henderson, Archibald, Mettican Glebe
Henderson, Archibald , T/Garvagh/Main Street
Henderson, Archld., Garvagh
Heney, Denis, Slaghtaverty
Heney, John, Lisnascreghog
Heney, Mary, Brockaghboy
Heney, Thomas, ITownland??/)
Henry, Daniel. Gortnamoyagh
Henry, Harry, Gortnamoyagh
Henry, John, Gortnamoyagh
Henry, Mary, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Heveral, Michael, Coolnasillagh
Higgins, Bernard, Brockagh
Higgins, Bernard, Freugh
Higgins, Danie, Ballyrogan
Higgins, James, Ballyrogan
Higgins, James, Brockagh
Higgins, James, Freugh
Higgins, Patrick, Jr., Ballyrogan
Higgins, Patrick, Jr., Freugh
Higgins, Patrick, Sr., Ballyrogan
Higgins, Patrick, Sr.,Freugh
Hill, Mary, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Hogg, Rankin, Belraugh
Hutchinson, George, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Hutchinson, Hugh, Mettican Glebe
Hutchinson, William, Mettican Glebe


Johnson, Eliza, Gortnamoyagh, Noted: Jno.
Johnson, James, Gortnamoyagh, Noted: Dhu
Johnson, James Gortnamoyagh, Noted : Scott
Johnson, James, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Johnson, Samuel, Gortnamoyagh
Johnson, Thomas, Gortnamoyagh
Johnston, James, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Johnston, James, Tamnymore
Johnston, Mary, T/Garvagh/Main Street


Kealy, Francis, Gortnamoyagh
Kearney, Anne, Crockindollagh
Keilt, Daniel, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Keilt, Mary, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Keilt, Patrick, Farrantemple Glebe
Kelly, Anne, Cah
Kelly, David, Cah
Kelly, Hugh, Cah
Kelly, James, Inshaleen
Kelly, John, Cah
Kelly, Margaret, Coolcoscreaghan
Kelly, Margaret, Inshaleen
Kelly, Michael, Brockagh
Kelly, Paul, Brockagh
Kelly, Paul, Gortnamoyagh
Kelly, Robert, Cah
Kelly, Rose, Ballyrogan
Kelly, William, Inshaleen
Kennedy, George, Belraugh
Kennedy, George, Freugh
Kennedy, Samuel, Tibaran
Kerr, James, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Knox, Bryce, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Knox, John,Crockindollagh
Knox, William, Inshaleen
Kyle, John, Farrantemple Glebe


Linton, Robert, Cah
Love, Johnston, Liscall
Lowry, Thomas, Mayboy
Lyle, Acheson, Ballintemple
Lyle, Acheson, Brockagh
Lynch, Denis, Belraugh
Lynch, John, Coolcoscreaghan
Lynch, John, Tibaran
Lynch, Thomas, Tibaran
Lyttle, Robert, Tamneymore


Maby, John, Inshaleen
Martin, John, Cah
Martin, Margaret, Ballintemple
Mayne, Thomas, Garvagh


Mc Aleece, Robert, Garvagh
Mc Aleece, Robert,Mettican Glebe
Mc Aleece, Robert, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Aleece, Stuart , Gortnamoyagh
Mc Alister, Anthony, Mettican Glebe
Mc Alister, John, Gortfad
Mc Alister, Thomas, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Alister, William, Farrantemple Glebe
Mc Allister, Daniel, T/ Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Mc Allister, Francis, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
c Allister, John, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Allister, William, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Alonan, Archibald, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Aneary, John, Mettican Glebe
Mc Aneary, Randal, Mettican Glebe
Mc Aneary, Robert, Mettican Glebe
Mc Aneary, William, Cah
Mc Aneary, William, Mettican Glebe
Mc Aneary, William, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Bride, Scott, Garvagh
Mc Cann, Bernard, Lisnascreghog
Mc Cann, Charles,T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Cann, Thomas, Tamnymore
Mc Causland, Marcus, Liscall
Mc Causland, Martha, Garvagh
Mc Causland, Mary Ann, Mettican Glebe
Mc Causland, Mary Anne, Garvagh
Mc Cloy, William, Ballintemple
Mc Clure, William, Garvagh
Mc Clure, William, Mettican Glebe
Mc Clure, William, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Cluskey, Bernard, Coolcoscreaghan
Mc Cluskey, Bernard, Lisnascreghog
Mc Cluskey, Francis, Lisnascreghog
Mc Cluskey, James, Gortfad
Mc Cluskey, Patrick, Coolcoscreaghan
Mc Cluskey, Paul, Lisnascreghog
Mc Conaghy, Robert, Inshaleen
Mc Connell, John, Crockindollagh
Mc Connell, John, Farrantemple Glebe
Mc Connell, William, Farrantemple Glebe
Mc Cooke, James, Tamnymore
Mc Cooke, John, T/ Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Cooke, Samuel, Gortnamoyagh
Mc Cooke, Thomas, Tamnymore
Mc Cormack, Bryan, Shanlongford
Mc Cormick, Charles, Boleran
Mc Cormick, Daniel, Coolnasillagh
Mc Cormick, Patrick, Mayboy
Mc Cracken, Joseph, Cah
Mc Cullagh, Francis, Farrantemple Glebe
Mc Cullagh, John, Farrantemple Glebe
Mc Curdy, John, Jr., Tibaran
Mc Curdy, John, Sr., Shanlongford
Mc Curdy, Martha, Tibaran
Mc Curdy, William, Tibaran
Mc Fall, Eneas, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Gahan, Jn., Freugh,(Noted) Jack
Mc Gahan, John, Freugh,Noted, Ned
Mc Gahan, John, Freugh, Noted, Tom
Mc Gahan, Patrick, Shanlongford
Mc Gahan, Thomas, Freugh
Mc Gahan, Thomas, Shanlongford
Mc Gee, John, Mayboy
Mc Grady, John, Brockagh
Mc Guigan, George, Inshaleen
Mc Guiggan, Bernard, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Guiggan, Charles, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Guiggan, James, Brockagh
Mc Guinness, William, Coolcoscreaghan
Mc Guire, Denis, Coolnasillagh
Mc Ilhenny, James, Jr., Brockaghboy
Mc Ilhenny, James, Sr., Brockaghboy
Mc Ilroy, Solomon, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Elroy, Solomon, Mettican Glebe
Mc Gee, William, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Gettigan, Sarah,T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Ilroy, Solomon, M.D., T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Intyre, John, Crockindollagh
Mc Kee, John, Cah
Mc Keeman, Danie, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Kenna, Thomas, Lisnascreghog
Mc Leod, Hugh, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Loughlin, Daniel, Boleran
Mc Loughlin, James, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Loughlin, Rev. John, Boleran
Mc Loughlin, John, Brockaghboy
Mc Loughlin, Owen, Brockaghboy
Mc Loughlin, Owen, Coolcoscreaghan
Mc Loughlin, William, Cah
Mc Master, Alexander, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Mullen, George, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Mullen, Hugh, Inshaleen
Mc Mullen, John, Belraugh
Mc Mullen, John, Inshaleen
Mc Mullen, Mary, Brockaghboy
Mc Nab, William, Liscall
Mc Neary, Alexander, T/Garvagh/Main Street

Mc Nicholl, And., Lisnascreghog,(Noted) Onal
Mc Nicholl, And., Sr.,Lisnascreghog
Mc Nicholl, Andrew, Lisnascreghog
Mc Nicholl, Cath.,Coolcoscreaghan,(Noted) Patt
Mc Nicholl, Daniel, Slaghtaverty
Mc Nicholl, Denis, Lisnascreghog
Mc Nicholl, George, Ballintemple
Mc Nicholl, Hugh, Gortnamoyagh
Mc Nicholl, James, Lisnascreghog
Mc Nicholl, John, Brockaghboy
Mc Nicholl, John, Lisnascreghog
Mc Nicholl, John,Lisnascreghog,Noted, Manus
Mc Nicholl, Sarah, Brockaghboy
Mc Nicholl, Thomas, Lisnascreghog
Mc Pherson, Adam, Freugh
Mc Pherson, Adam, Freugh
Mc Pherson, Adam, Tibaran
Mc Pherson, Robert, Belraugh
Mc Pherson, Robert, Tibaran
Mc Quaid, William,T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mc Shane, Neal, Coolnasillagh
Mc Shane, Robert, Farrantemple Glebe
Mc Shean, Andrew, Coolcoscreaghan
Mc Shean, Owen, Coolcoscreaghan
Mc Wilkin, William, Mayboy


Mellon, Archibald, Inshaleen
Mellon, Edward, Brockaghboy
Millen, Joseph, Tamnymore
Miller, Anne, Tamnymore
Miller, Anne, Tamnymore,(Noted) Campbell
Miller, Rev. James, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Miller, John, Garvagh
Miller, John, Inshaleen
Miller, John, T/Garvagh/Main Street
iller, Robert, Tamnymore
Miller, Thomas, Inshaleen
Moody, John, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Moone, Daniel, Mettican Glebe
Mooney, Bernard, Farrantemple Glebe
Mooney, Marcus, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Mooney, Patrick, Farrantemple Glebe
Mooney, Thomas, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Moore, Mettican Glebe,(Noted) and Co
Moore, John, Mettican Glebe
Moore, John,T/Garvagh/Main Street
Moore, Joseph, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Moore, Robert, Cah
Moore, Robert,Garvagh
Moore, Robert, Mettican Glebe
Moore, Robert, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Moore, Samuel, Tamnymore
Morrison, Jane, Belraugh
Morrison, John, Freugh
Morrison, William, Crockindollag
Mulholland, Bernard, Slaghtaverty
Mulholland, Henry, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mulholland, Jane, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mulholland, Thomas, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mullen, Alexander, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mullen, Anne, Ballyrogan,(Noted) O'Kane
Mullen, Bernard, Ballintemple,(Noted) Veel
Mullen, Bernard, Brockaghboy,(Noted) B. Roe
Mullen, Bernard, Dunnavenny
Mullen, Bernard, Lisnascreghog
Mullen, Bryan, Ballyrogan
Mullen, Bryan, Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Mick
Mullen, Catherine, Altduff
Mullen, Cormack, Altduff
Mullen, Cormack, Ballintemple, (Noted) Harry
Mullen, Cormack, Brockagh, (Noted) Shaun
Mullen, Cormack, Gortnamoyagh
Mullen, Daniel, Ballintemple, Noted, John
Mullen, Daniel, Ballintemple, (Noted) Onal
Mullen, Danl., Ballintemple, (Noted) Harry
Mullen, Danl., Brockaghboy, (Noted) Owen
Mullen, Donald, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Mullen, Elizabeth, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Man
Mullen, George, Brockagh
Mullen, George, Lisnascreghog
Mullen, Hen., Lisnascreghog, (Noted) Jack Roe
Mullen, James,,Brockagh, (Noted) Jack
Mullen, James, Brockagh, (Noted) Varney
Mullen, James, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Paddy
Mullen, James, Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Paddy
Mullen, James, Crockindollagh
Mullen, James, Meencraig
Mullen, James, Slaghtaverty
Mullen, John, Ballintemple,Noted, Harry
Mullen, John, Boleran
Mullen, John, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Owen
Mullen, John, Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Bryan
Mullen, John, Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Mick
Mullen, John, Coolnasillagh
Mullen, John, Mayboy
Mullen, John, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St, (Noted) Bawn
Mullen, Margaret, Brockagh
Mullen, Margaret, Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Tom
Mullen, Mary, Ballyrogan , Noted, Mc Cann
Mullen, Michael, Ballyrogan
Mullen, Michael, Coolcoscreaghan
Mullen, Owen, Meencraig
Mullen, Patk., Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Charley
Mullen, Patk., Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Micky
Mullen, Patrick, Ballyrogan
Mullen, Patrick, Boleran
Mullen, Patrick, Brockagh, (Noted) Bryan Roe
Mullen, Patrick, Brockagh, (Noted) Jack
Mullen, Patrick, Brockagh, (Noted) Varney
Mullen, Patrick, Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Denny
Mullen, Patrick, Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Harnish
Mullen, Patrick, Meencraig
Mullen, Patrick, Tibaran
Mullen, Peter, Coolnasillagh
Mullen, Robert, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Mullen, Susan, Ballintemple, (Note) Onal
Mullen, Thomas, Altduff
Mullen, Thomas, Freugh


Neilson, David, Gortnamoyagh
Nelson, Joseph,Town of Cah


O'Connell, Charles, Crockindollagh
O'Connell, Cormick, Mayboy
O'Connell, Ellen, Boleran
O'Connell, Hugh, Boleran, (Noted) Hackler
O'Connell, Hugh, Boleran, (Noted) Of the Cross
O'Connell, Hugh, Mayboy
O'Connell, James, Garvagh
O'Connell, James,Tamnymore
O'Connell, Jas., Boleran,(Noted) Jem
O'Connell, Jas., Boleran, Noted, John
O'Connell, Jn., Boleran, Noted, Butcher
O'Connell, John, Ballyrogan
O'Connell, John, Boleran
O'Connell, John, Boleran,(Noted) Hill
O'Connell, Patrick, Ballyrogan
O'Connell, Susan, Mayboy
O'Connor, Denis, Tamnymore
O'Kane, Bernard, Ballintemple, (Noted) Nell
O'Kane, Bernard, Belraugh
O'Kane, Bernard, Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Boy
O'Kane, Bernard, Dunnavenny
O'Kane, Bernard, Glenkeen
O'Kane, Bernard, Mayboy
O'Kane, Bernard, Slaghtaverty
O'Kane, Bernd.,Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Rory
O'Kane, Bridget, Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Jack
O'Kane, Catherine, Brockagh
O'Kane, Catherine, Coolnasillagh
O'Kane, Catherine, T/Garvagh/Main Street
O'Kane, Charles, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Roe
O'Kane, Chas., Brockaghboy, (Noted) Weaver
O'Kane, Chas., Coolcoscreaghan, (Note), Dick
O'Kane, Daniel, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Rose
O'Kane, Daniel, Garvagh
O'Kane, Daniel, T/Garvagh/Main Street
O'Kane, Daniel, Jr., Dunnavenny
O'Kane, Daniel, Sr. Dunnavenny
O'Kane, Darey, Glenkeen
O'Kane, Donnell, Brockagh
O'Kane, Ecklin, Brockaghboy
O'Kane, Ecklin, Coolnasillagh
O'Kane, Edward, Coolnasillagh
O'Kane, Edward, Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Boy
O'Kane, Edwd., Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Donald
O'Kane, Francis, Belraugh
O'Kane, Francis, Coolcoscreaghan
O'Kane, George, Coolcoscreaghan
O'Kane, Henry, Brockaghboy
O'Kane, Henry, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Owen
O'Kane, Henry, Shanlongford
O'Kane, Hugh, Brockaghboy
O'Kane, Hugh, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Rock
O'Kane, Hugh, Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Rock
O'Kane, James, Brockagh, (Noted) Farr Roe
O'Kane, James, Brockagh, (Noted) Hemish
O'Kane, James, Brockaghboy
O'Kane, James, Coolcoscreaghan
O'Kane, James, Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Mick
O'Kane, James, Slaghtaverty
O'Kane, Jas., Brockaghbo, (Noted) Dan. Rose
O'Kane, Jeremiah, Glenkeen
O'Kane, Jno, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Harry Roe
O'Kane, John, Brockaghboy, (Noted) Hugh Roe
O'Kane, John, Coolcoscreaghan, (Noted) Grace
O'Kane, John, Coolnasillagh, (Noted) Ecklin
O'Kane, John, Garvagh
O'Kane, John, Shanlongford
O'Kane, John, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
O'Kane, John, T/Garvagh/Main Street
O'Kane, Manus, Brockaghboy, Noted, Mike
O'Kane, Manus, Brockaghboy,(Noted) Paul
O'Kane, Margt., Brockaghboy, Noted, Hugh Roe
O'Kane, Mary, Brockagh, Noted, Tom
O'Kane, Michael, Ballyrogan
O'Kane, Michae, Slaghtaverty
O'Kane, Michl., Brockaghboy,Noted, Rosy
O'Kane, Michl., Coolcoscreaghan,Noted, Dick
O'Kane, Michl.,Coolcoscreaghan,(Noted) Rory
O'Kane, Michl., Coolnasillagh, Noted, Micky
O'Kane, Michl., Coolnasillagh,(Noted) Shaun
O'Kane, Ml., Coolnasillagh,Noted, Shaun
O'Kane, Owen, Ballintemple
O'Kane, Owen, Brockaghboy
O'Kane, Patrick, Belraugh
O'Kane, Patrick, Brockagh, Noted, Quinton
O'Kane, Patrick, Brockaghboy
O'Kane, Patrick,Coolcoscreaghan,(Noted) Dan
O'Kane, Patric, Coolnasillagh, Noted, Boy
O'Kane, Patrick, Coolnasillagh, Noted, Brien
O'Kane, Patrick Dunnavenny
O'Kane, Patrick, Glenkeen
O'Kane, Patrick, T/Garvagh/Main Street
O'Kane, Rose, Dunnavenny
O'Kane, William, Brockaghboy
O'Kane, William, Coolcoscreaghan
O'Neill, Denis, Brockaghboy


Patterson, Daniel, Boleran,(Noted) Geo
Patterson, William, Boleran,(Noted) Geo
Paul, John, Inshaleen
Paul, John, Tamnymore
Perry, Samuel, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Pie, Mary Jane, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Poole, Rebecca, Gortnamoyagh
Porter, David, Gortnamoyagh


Quigg, Bridget, Lisnascreghog
Quigg, Eliz., Coolcoscreaghan,(Noted) John
Quigg, Francis,Lisnascreghog
Quigg, Henry, Brockaghboy
Quinn, Rep. John, Boleran


Rankin, Charles, Liscall
Rankin, David, Inshaleen
Rankin, John, Gortfad
Rankin, Leslie, Garvagh
Rankin, Leslie, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Rankin, William, Gortfad
Reid, Samuel, Inshaleen
Richardson, Thomas, Shanlongford
Robertson, Agnes, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Robertson, Robert, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Robinson, John, Ballintemple
Robinson, Robert,Crockindollagh


Scott, Anne, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Simpson, John, Mettican Glebe
Sinclair, Mary, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Smyth, Elizabeth, Inshaleen
Smyth, James, Mettican Glebe
Smyth, James, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Smyth, Jane, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Smyth, Rev. Mitchell, Ballintemple
Smyth, Rev. Mitchell, Brockagh
Smyth, Rev. Mitchell, Farrantemple Glebe
Smyth, Robert, Tamnymore
Smyth, William, Gortnamoyagh
Spencer, Robert, Garvagh
Spencer, Robert, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Stewart, Josias, Liscall
Stewart, Robert, Cah
Stuart, Alexander, Boleran
Stuart, Henry, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Stuart, James, Gortfad
Stuart, John. Gortfad,(Noted) John
Stuart, John, Gortnamoyagh
Stuart, John, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Stuart, Joseph, Shanlongford
Stuart, Mary, Farrantemple Glebe
Stuart, Matthew, Jr., Gortfad,(Noted) Hill
Stuart, Matthew, Sr., Gortfad
Stuart, Thomas, Gortnamoyagh


Thompson, Rev. Andrew, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Thompson, Isabella, Tamnymore
Thompson, Robert, Cah
Thompson, Robert, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Thompson, Samuel, Cah
Tolan, Rev. David, Boleran
Thompson, Rev. Andrew, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Thompson, Isabella, Tamnymore
Thompson, Robert, Cah
Thompson, Robert, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Thompson, Samuel, Cah
Tolan, Rev. David, Boleran
Torrens, Alexander, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Travers, Henry, T/Garvagh/Main Street


Walker, John, Mettican Glebe
Walker, Rober, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Walker, Thomas, Mettican Glebe
Wallace, Given, Crockindollagh
Wallace, James, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Wallace, John, Crockindollagh
Wallace, Mary, Tamneymore
Wallace, Thomas, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Watson, James, T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Watts, John, Ballintemple
Weeden, James, Cah
Wells, Joseph, Ballintemple
Wilson, James, Mettican Glebe
Wilson, Jane, Ballintemple
Wilson, Maria, Tibaran
Wilson, Robert, Cah
Wilson, Thomas, Farrantemple Glebe
Wilson, William, Cah
Witherow, Rober, Inshaleen
Woodburn, John, Liscall
Woodburn, Robert, Gortfad
Woodburn, Robert, Liscall
Woodburne, George, Ballintemple
Woodburne, George, Mettican Glebe
Woodburne, George, T/Garvagh/Main Street
Woodburne, James, Ballintemple
Woodburne, Matthew, Ballintemple
Woodburne, William, Ballintemple
Woods, G. D., T/Garvagh/M. House Lane St
Woods, John, Mayboy
Workman, James, Mayboy


Young, John, T/Garvagh/Main Street

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