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Other sites of interest to the Bann Valley site visitors.

Keeping a page of links up-to-date can be a full time job. I don't check these links very frequently so, if you should find one has been removed, please inform me.

Other Bann Families genealogy sites

Other persons have sites listing Bann Valley family information. These are a few of which I am aware.

There are certainly other family sites that have links with the Bann valley that I am not aware of. Please let me know of any that should be added here.

Other sites of possible interest

A parish near Coleraine. The book was once published on-line and was (to quote the site concerned) a review of change and development in the County Parish. However it has since been moved or removed.
Says Linde Lunney:
"It's a lengthy description of part of Ballyrashane, which is mainly in co. Derry, but it's not dissimilar to any of the other parts of the general area. The researcher has done a very good job of synthesizing historical background and present-day description. It has photos and maps; it would be quite a good model for anyone wanting to do a similar project on their own area. Not much genealogy per se, but lots of social history and names are listed."
Billy Parish burying ground
Site run by Norman Parkes. Billy Parish is in North Antrim.
John Hayes
A large site with transcriptions or copies of many available records including Griffith's, Pigots and many other lesser known lists.
Several pages on Aghadowey
Maintained by Dan Wilson. Including extracts from Mullin's book Aghadowey.
National Archives of Ireland
has a number of on-line databases which can be searched.
St Patricks
has links to many sites of Irish interest.
Rootsweb DerryGenWeb

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