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Please consider donating to the web site: use the Donate button. The name Hewson is not common - but it is widespread and this points to it being old. Old names tend to diverge - not only geographically but lexematically. With age, the name morphs as it is pronounced differently in different acents and dialects: these get transcribed and mis-transcribed by hand to parchment and paper. The transcribed hand then gets mis-read and morphs again.

It is not known exactly where the name Hewson originated, but clearly it is "Son of Hew (Hugh)". Surname database has much about the origin. As such I think one must not expect it to have a single common origin: it's most probably there are several parallel Hewson lines which simply do not have common ancestors - other than our common African Rift Valley ancestors!

This is a list of possible variats of the name:

However Lincolnshire is the 'hotbed' for the Hewson name. It is common around Brigg, Grimsby, Grantham, Horncastle, Lincoln, Louth. It is also quite common in East Yorkshire, north of the Humber.

My wife is of the Cambridgeshire Hewsons. We have not traced these back very far, but the earliest we have are three Hewson brothers about 1800, in Stoke Ferry. It seems likely that the Hewsons were then migrating along the coast from Lincolnshire and had arrived in Stoke Ferry.

Hewon's Tower Mill, Barton upon Humber
This is a large windmill tower. The link is to www site.
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