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Scottish records of the name Torrens

These notes, dated July 1978, on the genealogy of the Torrance Family, are part of a series made by D. Richard Torrance. The copy in my possession is a carbon copy, so is slightly unclear in places. The notes are reproduced as accurately as possible.

If you find these notes of interest, please let me know! Or if you need further clarification, I may be able to assist. Note that I also run a mailing list on Torrens/-ence/-ance genealogy where you will find others who may assist you use the "Join Us" button at top.

Avondale Parish Registers: Births

The spelling of the name has been noted. However it is evident that the spelling is erratic: several times the same family has a different spelling.
4623. 7.1699James Torrens StrathavenAnna
4728. 4.1700James Torrens HaslebankJames
487. 6.1702James Torrens HaslebankThomas
4915. 6.1704James Torrens HaslebankJohn
5026. 8.1705James Torrens HaslebankJohn
519. 9.1705Thomas Torrens ToddhillsJonet
5220. 4.1707Andrew TorrencetaylorStrathavenJohn
534. 5.1707Thomas Torrence PriatgillAnna
547. 7.1708Archibald Torrence StrathavenJanet
557. 8.1708Mungo Torrens StrathavenAlexander
568. 5.1709Andrew TorrenstailorStrathavenWilliam
574. 2.1711John TorrensSoldier in Lord Carstairs regt. DragoonsJohn. natural son
585. 8.1711Alexander TorrenceflesherStrathavenMargaret
5910.2.1712John TorrensmasonWindhillJohn
6013. 4.1712Andrew Torrence StrathavenAlexander
6129. 2.1713Alexander TorrensflesherStrathavenAgnes
6228. 6.1713Archibald Torrens StoneyfoordArchibald
6321. 3.1714William Torrens GlengavillJanet
6415. 6.1714Andrew TorrenstailorStrathavenJames
6511. 9.1715William Te, DykeheadJonet
6618.12.1715James Torrence UdstonheadMargaret
6719. 1.1718John Torrence & Isobel Lawson  Margaret, natural dau.
6827.8.1718Alexander TorrenceflesherStrathavenJohn
695. 4.1719James Torrence UdstonheadJames
702. 9.1720James Torrence StonniehillJean
7111. 6.1721Alexander TorrenceflesherStrathavenJanet
7223. 7.1721James Torrence HarikwoodJonet
7313. 2.1722James Torrence StoneyhillJames
7419. 8.1722William Torrence CombBarbara
7511.12.1722Archibald Torrence StoniefoordBarbara
7616. 2.1724John TorrencemasonStrathavenUrsula
7729. 3.1724Alexander TorrenceflesherStrathavenJanet
7810.10.1724Robert Torrence Chappleton, p. GlassfordJohn
7914. 4.1725William Torrence CombJohn
8031. 7.1726James Torrence ChappellMary
8130. 7.1727Thomas TorrencemasonStrathavenThomas
825. 1.1728William Torrence CombWilliam
838.12.1728James Torrence ChappellJames
8424.12.1729William Torrence CombJanet
8524. 2.1730James Torrence BloomsholmRobert & Margaret, twins
8610.10.1731William Torrence WindyageChristian
8725.12.1734William Torrence CombMary
8817. 2.1737William Torrence CombJohn
8915. 4,1737William Torrence ThorniburnHugh
9024. 7.1737John TorrenceweaverStrathavenGrisall
9127. 8.1738Alex TorrenceweaverStrathavenJames
9215. 2.1739William Torrence CombKatherine
9315. 2.1739William Torrence SideJames
9425. 9.1746John TorrenceweaverStrathavena son
9515. 1.1741William TorrancewrightStrathavenChristian
9625. 2.1741William Torrence DykesAndrew
9729. 7.1741? Torrence QuhanJohn
9822. 8.1742Alexander Torrence ToadhillsMathew
9922. 8.1742William Torrence  John
10029. 8.1742Willian TorrensmasonStrathavenKatherine
10113. 2.1743Jean Torrensbegot in uncleaness as she affirms with Gavin Paterson.StrathavenJean
10216. 2.1743John Torrence HazliebankDavid
10329. 3.1743William Torrence East DykesMary
1041. 1.1745John Torrence HazlebankFrancis
10520. 1.1745Alexander TorrenceweaverStrathavenAndrew
1068. 3.1745William Torrence DykeheadJonet
10719. 7.1746John Torrens StrathavenIsobel
10825. 1.1747William TorrensmasonStrathavenAnn
1095. 5.1747John TorrensflesherStrathavenAlexander
11018. 2.1750James Torrenssoldier John
1118. 4.1750John TorrensflesherStrathavenIsobel
11218. 9.1751William Torrens HowdykeWilliam
11312. 7.1752William TorrensmasonStrathavenJames
11429. 9.1753William Torrence StrathavenWilliam28th
1155. 5.1754William Torrence HighdykeAlexander28.4
11610. 8.1754William Torrence KyperiggJanet
11714.11.1754Andrew Torrence Ovir LethamWilliam7.11
1182. 7.1755William Torrence  William
11914. 3.1756Andrew Torrence Ovir LethamJames
12021. 9.1756William Torrence BurbraeWilliam
12131. 9.1756William Torrens HighdykeMargaret
12216. 6.1757William TorrencecurrierStrathavenAnn
12312. 7.1758Andrew Torrence LethamJean
12417. 1.1759William TorrenceweaverStrathavenJeanOct 1758
12519. 6.1761Archibald Alison & Isobella Torrence  John
12614. 7.1761James TorrenceweaverStrathavenFlorence
12723. 7.1761William TorrencemasonStrathavenWilliam
12814. 3.1762Andrew Torrence LethamChristian28.2
1298. 4.1762William Torrence MountholyHelen
13014. 9.1762William TorrencecarterStrathavenMarjory4.9
13117.10.1763Andrew Torrence LethamJames7.10
13215. 4.1764John TorrensflesherStrathavenJohn7.4
13312.12.1769William Torrence WindhillThomas25.11
13420. 1.1770Thomas TorrencemerchantStrathavenIsobel12.1
13528.12.1770James Torrence RinchWilliam
13615. 1.1772William Torrence WindhillElizabeth26.12.1771
1372. 3.1772Thomas TorrencemerchantStrathavenIsobel21.2
1382. 3.1772William TorrenceweaverStrathavenIsobel23.2
13924. 1.1773James TorrenceshoemakerStrathavenJean19.1
14019. 2.1773James Torrence RinchAndrew
14116.11.1774James TorrenceweaverStrathavenThomas10.11
14214. 7.1777James TorrensshoemakerStrathavenJanet13.7
14325. 2.1779Thomas TorransmerchantStrathavenThomas23.3
14424. 7.1779Alexander TorransmasonStrathavenIsobel24.7
14530. 4.1780James TorrensshoemakerStrathavenIsabella26.4
14610. 3.1782Andrew Torrance LethamMarion1.3
14723. 2.1783James Torrance  Isobel21.2
1482. 8.1783Andrew Torrance LethamHelen27.7
14923.11.1783Alex TorrancemasonStrathavenHelen21.11
15022.11.1784John Torrance  John7.11
15127. 1.1785Alex TorrancemasonStrathavenElspath19.12.1784

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