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Scottish records of the name Torrens

These notes, dated July 1978, on the genealogy of the Torrance Family, are part of a series made by D. Richard Torrance. The copy in my possession is a carbon copy, so is slightly unclear in places. The notes are reproduced as accurately as possible.

If you find these notes of interest, please let me know! Or if you need further clarification, I may be able to assist. Note that I also run a mailing list on Torrens/-ence/-ance genealogy where you will find others who may assist you use the "Join Us" button at top.

Avondale Parish Registers: Marriages

No DateGroomBrideComments
1 9.11.1753Andrew TorrenceHelen Kirkland
2 7. 2.1754William TorrenceJanet Young
3 4. 2.1757William Torrence Margaret Miller
4 9.12.1709John Torrens in Lonhead of LangpykeMargaret CullenMargaret was servant to Alexander Hamilton in Bonnyhill.
5 27. 4.1713William TorrensMarion Young
6 4. 9.1713George Jackson in YardbentSarrah Torrens
7 22. 4.1714William Mathew in Meadow in LesmahagoElizabeth Torrance
8 14.10.1714James Torrens Agnes Peat
9 21. 8.1715James WalkerJanet Torrence
1018. 7.1718James TorrenceMargaret Peacock
11 4.12.1718James TorrenceElizabeth Boyd
1212. 9.1721William TorrenceJean Wiseman
1330. 4.1725William TorrenceJanet Loudon
14 4. 9.1732John ReidAnna Torrence
1530. 4.1733John Torrence Margaret Reid
16 5. 6.1733John Torrence Jonet Aiton. John was a weaver.
17 7.11.1734Alex Torrence Jonet Fram
1817. 4.1735John Torrence Mary Reid
1925. 4.1735William TorrenceJonet Hamilton
2013. 6.1735Alexander TorrenceHelen Hamilton
2117. 6.1737Thomas WatsonHelen Torrence
2226.10.1737James LahoreMargaret Torrence
2322. 5.1740Thomas ShawAgnes Torrence
2416.10.1740James StrutherHelen Torrence
2519. 3.1742James TorrenceMargaret Borland
26 2.11.1742John FindlayIsabel Torrence
27 5. 1.1745William CochraneElizabeth Torrence
282. 6.1745William TorranceJanet Hamilton
2928. 7.1745John TorranceJean Hamilton
3026.10.1745William TorranceBarbara Torrance
3120.11.1745John WilsonJean Torrence
32 2. 3.1744John TorranceAgnes Hamilton
3330. 3.1744Thomas HamiltonMargaret Torrance
3414. 6.1752William TorrenceJanet YoungJanet: p. Kilbride
35 8. 2.1756Archibald AllisonIsobel Torrance
3621.10.173Andrew TorrenceHelen Kirkland
3716. 1.1767William TorrenceMargaret Miller
3828.10.1759James TorrenceMargaret Ingles
3929. 7.1764John TorrenceMargaret Alston
40 4.11.1764James WilsonJanet Torrence
41 1.12.1768John TorrenceElizabeth Frame
4221. 2.1770James WilsonIsobel Hamilton
43 6.11.1768James WilsonIsobel Wood
4412. 2.1769Thomas TorrenceJonet Liston
4524. 4.1744John TorrenceJean Beg

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