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Scottish records of the name Torrence/Torrance

These notes, dated July 1978, on the genealogy of the Torrance Family, are part of a series made by D. Richard Torrance. The copy in my possession is a carbon copy, so is slightly unclear in places. The notes are reproduced as accurately as possible.

If you find these notes of interest, please let me know! Or if you need further clarification, I may be able to assist. Note that I also run a mailing list on Torrens/-ence/-ance genealogy where you will find others who may assist you use the "Join Us" button at top.

Edinburgh Register of Sasines

A sasine is a Scottish registration of land or property transfer. These records started (incompletely) in 1599 and continue more or less to the current day. They are explained on the official Registers of Scotland site.

Apparently there exist boxes full of these sasines, effectively unsearched. They are, as the following notes prove, a gold-mine of information for the genealogist.

D. Richard Torrance notes:
Have searched 1599-1660 without any references to Torrance. Began again 1741.

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