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Scottish records of the name Torrens

These notes, dated July 1978, on the genealogy of the Torrance Family, are part of a series made by D. Richard Torrance. The copy in my possession is a carbon copy, so is slightly unclear in places. The notes are reproduced as accurately as possible.

If you find these notes of interest, please let me know! Or if you need further clarification, I may be able to assist. Note that I also run a mailing list on Torrens/-ence/-ance genealogy where you will find others who may assist you use the "Join Us" button at top.

Index of Wills relating to Torrances in Scotland.

Lanark comm.

7.7.1626Robert in Lanark
27.7.1657Margaret sp. John Barrie, Kittingmuirmyln, p. Stonehouse
14.6.1678Janet sp. Robt. Ballantyne in Bonnington Mill
26.2.1734Margaret rel. Jas. Sempil in Moorburn, p. Glasford,
resid. Brekenridge, p. Lesmahago
15.4.1738Abrham Milton of Lesmahago
27.7.1746Janet law. dau. John Torrance, in Cruckedstone,
sp. Jas. Loudon. in Sandford, p. Stonehouse

Hamilton and Campsie

17.7.1564John at Clokqueharne
18.7.1564Allan at the Carinduse, p. Kilbride
19.3.1610Helen sp. Jas. Syme, at Kirk of Monkland
18.6.1669Abraham in Cruickitstane, sp. Jonet Aiken
22.5.1672Robert in Hairmyers, p. Kilbride

Edinburgh Comm.

1.3.1577/8Robert burgess Edinburgh
10.5.1585Archibald baxter of Edinburgh. sp. Marion Purdie.
6.7.1586James in Brownhills
9.2.1591/2Jonet sp. And. Wilson, Carneduff, p. Avondail
4.10.1593John son of ditto
12.6.1605Isobel sp. John Fairlie, in Glasfurde, shffdom Lanark
8.3.1726James wright, Haddington
11.12.1761Thomas tennant in Kirkettle

Glasgow comm.

18.9.1606Jonet sp. Wm. Forbes in Netherfield
1.7.1611William in Brownhill. p. Evindaill
6.7.1611James Lethame, p. Evindaill
18.2.1612John chapman in Auldton
4.6.1612John Plewland, p.Strathaven, sp. Isobel Hamilton
16.6.1612Jonet sp. John Tennent in Strathaven
30.8.1615Helen sp. And. Hamilton, Cauldstreame, p. Strathaven
23.11.1615Malie sp. Robt. Brown, Quarterhouse
22.7.1624Agnes in Straithe
31.7.1624Andrew Plewland, p. Evindail
24.5.1625Katherine sp. Chas. Duncan in Brocklir, p. Mauchline
25.1.1642Helen ap. dec. Wn. Young in Allerstocks, p. Evindail
15.1.1650Andrew Caldermylne
4.12.1662John Netherfieldyke, p. Evindaill
24.1.1667Alexander Tounheid of Hessilheid, p. Beith
1.12.1670John Greenside, p. Kilmarnock
22.4.1671Adam in Kairne, sp. Agnes Gemmill. p. Cumnock
11.1.1676Steven in Auldton, p. Loudon. sp. agnes Campbell
26.4.1676Alexander in Ralstounhill, p. Kilmarnock. sp. Jonet
29.4.1676Alexander Gemill, and Isobel Shaw
16.5.1679>Agnes sp. Stephen Torrance in Over Mewton, p. Loudon
12.5.1680John weaver, Kilmarnock, sp. Agnes Picken
15.5.1682John weaver, Tounheid of Kilmarnock
17.19.1691John inndweller of Glasgow

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