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Torrens Marriages in Bann Valley Churches

The links below are to the Bann Vallley Church Records. .
1st Kilrea Presbyterian Church.
27/01/1851 John Torrens Peggy Crawford
28/08/1857 Alexander Torrens Mary Watson
08/08/1862 William Torrens Mary Lennox
19/04/1872 William Torrens Sarah Jane Jamieson
06/05/1901 Thomas James Torrens Sarah Hamilton
11/04/1849 Martha Torrens John Smith
04/08/1859 Matilda Torrens John Michael
09/12/1863 Sarah Torrens Joseph Billingham
17/04/1866 Nancy Torrens Alexander Mitchell
06/01/1925 Elizabeth Torrens James McMullan
26/10/1933 Isabella Marie Torrens Thomas Stephans Gould

2nd Kilrea Pres. Church.
20/12/1849 Robert Torrens Mary Hunter
20/04/1855 James Torrens Sally Hart
09/08/1860 Kennedy Torrens Eliza Starrett
14/11/1866 William Torrens Elizabeth Adams
31/03/1902 John Torrens Hessie Johnston
07/04/1921 Robert Torrens Margaret Catherwood
29/10/1851 Mary Torrens Thomas Johnston.
12/06/1857 Ellen Torrens James Killough,
19/03/1858 Mary Torrens Alexander Adams.
09/07/1873 Mary Anne Torrens Joseph Patterson
11/06/1878 Mary Torrens Robert John Paul

Kilrea Church of Ireland.
17/02/1852 Jane Torrens James Camphell
08/05/1889 Mary Torrens James Johnston
St Patricks Church of Ireland , Coleraine.
14/02/1851 John Torrens Mary Ann McConaghy

Desertoghill Church of Ireland.
07/10/1896 John Torrens Hessie Mary Church
18/06/1907 James Torrens Martha Brizzell
14/01/1864 Hessie Torrens William Dogherty
11/09/1890 Nancy Brown Torrens Alexander Clarke
15/11/1901 Sarah Ann Torrens Alexander Woodburn
25/11/1903 Martha Torrens John McKeown.

Boveedy Pres. Church.
20/06/1907 John Torrens Christina Richmond
29/01/1891 Jane Torrens Solloman McCaughey

Boveedy United Pres, Church.
28/07/1887 Elizabeth "Lizzie" Torrens = William Lind Michael

Macosquin Presbyterian Church
19/06/1855 John Torrens Elizabeth Smyth
26/07/1889 Frederick Torrens Sarah Ann McLaughlin

2nd Garvagh, Main St, Pres.Church.
20/02/1872 Martha Torrens William Charles Fleming
06/10/1891 Hessie Torrens William Hogg

New Row Pres.Church, Coleraine.
08/05/1852 Hugh Torrens Sarah Ann Pollock
08/04/1903 Hugh Torrance Mary Sinclair Cameron
03/03/1910 Robert B A Torrens Annie B Torrens

Aghadowey Pres. Church.
13/11/1878 Thomas Torrens Martha Jane Holmes
25/02/1847 Martha Torrens Marshall McCaughey

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