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This is the text of the original letter of 1803 from Robert Torrens to his family. It has been checked against the photocopy in JST and copied with spelling and line breaks.

He evidently wrote (at least) one copy, one he retained (presumably the draft) and he received two letters from Ireland in response to the one sent. These three letters give a firm foundation to four trees:

Middlebury October 29th 1803

Dear Brother and Sister

In the year 1754 I Left my Native Cuntery
Ireland and Landed in America I left a farther and Mother in the
Parish of Augheduway in the County of of Londonderry
By the names of (His) Hugh Torrance and hers Elenor Tor-
rance - I am Now 67 years of age a widdower Since Janu
-ary the 29th 1798 I have five Children (viz) Two Sons & three Dau
ghters one of each is maried I am healthy for a man
of my years my family is so likewise I am in Posesion
of a Property addequate to all my wants

A history of my Life Since I Left my Native Cuntery
would Be nothing extraordinary or entertaining. But Be
-ing So far advanced in life and having never heard from
any of my Relations Since I left them. But threw the Med
-ium of our Public NewsPapers hear of of the wars Both Intern
-al and External must Conclude that it is unhappy for all grad
-es of People whatever I have thought it no Less than my
Duty as a Christian to writ to Learn if Posiable what the
Situation of my friends ware and invite them to a hospita
-ble Shore  a Cuntery of Peace and Plenty or Learn at Least
their Circumstances and Request them to write me a leter
on the Receit of this, and Direct it to Robert Torrance
Middlebury, Addison County Vermont North America
- But should there be no Traces of my Family Left
then I Solicit the Friendly hand of some honnist harted furth
-er to Let me know what was the fate of my Friends or
what Cuntery that they have fled to and as in Duty Bou
-nd with gratitude Shall ever acknowledge their kindness
- But should my Brother (Thomas Torrence) or either
of my Sisters (whose Maiden Names were Jane, Marther and
Molly Torrance) yet remain in, I wish them to Leave a Cuntery whose
civil wars and entestine Broils has Destroyd the
Peace of its inhabitants and Leaves the unfortunate
to Suffer with want, and Fly to a Land of health
and happiness that abounds with all the Luxurys
that life Requires or Thinkin man can wish for -

My Famely all Sends there Compliments to there uncles aunts and Cousends

This from your Brother
until Deth

Robert Torrance

Thomas Torrence
and Mrs Jane Torrence
Augheduway in Ireland

N.B. Middlebury is 270 Miles from Newyork But Pasing
By Newyork to Albany By Water which can Be done every
Day By Coasting or River Sloops Leave But 111 Miles
from Albany to Middlebury - from Boston to Middlebury
it is only 170 Miles

But Should my Brother or Sister or any of my Cousins
write to me and send it By some Safe Conveyance to
America with Directions for it to be Put into the Mail there
whould Be no Doubt But it would reach me amediately.

Robert Torrance                                                                       
Hugh Torrance's reply 1st of May 1804
Robert Torrance junior (nephew) reply from Ireland, 1st of May 1804

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