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Mr. Robert Torrance
Middlebury Addison
County Vermont North
America to be put into
the Mail at New York

			Nocarah, 16th of June 1804

Dr Uncle

I write to let You know the State of Your friends in Ireland
and that they are all in Helth at present hoping the Arival of
these lins May find you in the Same

We Received Your 2 letters one on the 31st of March and
the other on the 20th Aprile both Dated October 30th 1803 which
We never Expected to have Rec'd ant acc.t Concerning You it
being So long time Since Any Acc.t Came from You that our
thoughts were that You had been Dead Longe ere this  You think
there are Scarcely any Remains of Your family left in Ireland
on acc.t of the wars which we have had in this Contry but I
Can Inforn You to the Contrary and that none of Us or your
friends Ever Sufered any Hurt By it.  little it ever took place
in this North part of the Kingdom Towards the West of Ireland
and Dublin for About 2 Monthes the had prety Tight play but
the Ribles were Oblig.d to Yield with much Loss but I have wrote
You a letter before this which Shall Give You the Whole inteligence
of the Mater, Your Mother Died in the 63rd Year of her
Age  Your father Died in the 84th Year of his age  Your Sister
Jean Died in Oct.r 1802 Aged 74 Years  She had 14 Children
10 of which are alive viz 5 sons and 5 Daughters  I am the
Youngest of her family named Robt  I am Aged 26 Years  My
brothers and Sisters are all Maried but Another Lad Named
Alex.r he is Aged 50 Years  he & I remains with my Father who
is Yet Alive he is Aged 86 Years and Thank God has a Tollerable
Good State of helth  I have often heard My Mother Reflect on
You that You were So ungrateful as Never to Send her a letter
or any acc.t of What Situation you were in the World  She
Enjoyd a God State of helth whilst alive  She was as Clever a
woman of her Years perhaps as you W.d have found Not four
Days Before She was Laid in the Coffin She was More Youthfull
like than a Woman of 40 Years of Age & as Capable of doing
business as Ever she was in the Course of her Life She Continued
Scarcly 3 days under the Disorder which Caried her off on
Friday Evening  She went to bed in her proper helth and About
12  O Clock was Taken Bad with a Vomiting and pain in
her Breast but the Vomiting Soon were Got Stop.d but the Grevious
pain in her breast Continued on Still that the passage of her Breast
stop.d So that she Could not Swallow anything which Continued
on her to Monday Morning About 6 O Clock then put a Period
to her Existance

Your Sister Marthar Maried Wm. Hog of Caheny and is
Gone to America About 30 Years Ago  Your Brother Tho.s was
Marrid to a Marg.t McComb and liv.d in Mayoghle he died the
10th of Aprile last Aged 64 Years he having 2 Sons and 4

Your Brother Hugh Marid a Jean Cochran and Lives in
Mayoghle he has 3 Children one Son & Two Daughters  Your
Sister Mary Maried Neale McFetrich of Mayogle  She is a widow
15 Years  She has no family  in Your next I expect youll let
us Know if it is Long since you Settled in Middlebury and whether
You follow farming or Dealing  My father Requests that if You
Know any thing Concerning his Brothers Sam & Thos. Torrance
Youl let him Know in Your next letter for he has Never heard
any Acc.t from then Since Before the Amerca war  Land is Geting
high in this Contry  Good Ground is from 20 to 30 Shillings
pr Acre and Taxes of all  Kinds as high in proportion if You
think it Would be favorable for us or any of Your friends to Go
to that Contry I expect Youl let us Know in Your next letter
however Im Determined to Go to America in the Course of
Another Year if Helth Permits  My father and all our family
Together with Your friends in Mayoghle Send their Complements
to You & family

I am yours 				Rob't Torrance

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