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Co. Derry

Nov. 22nd 1917

Dear Mr Torrance

I am in receipt of your letter of 11th September asking about a Hugh and
Eleanor Torrance formerly of Mayoughill I desire in the first place to
apologise for delay in writing to you I assure you it was owing to
pressure of work and also to get some information about the older
generations of the Torrance family that caused delay in writing to you

I am Hugh Torrens myself my father was James Torrens my grandfather was
Hugh Torrens my great grandfather was James Torrens all of Mayoughill and
I can find no trace of any other family of Torrens/ences having lived in

There are a number of other families of Torrances in the Carah I have
always heard it said that the Torrences of Mayoughill and the Torrences
of Caragh were of the same family we still count each other friends

You mention a Neil Mc Fetridge well I find Neil Mc Fetridge lived in a
farm of land adjoining the one I live in and is in the name McFetridge
still this is about all the information I can give you at present but I
am still trying to find some more

If I can be of any service to you in your Historical search I am at your

You will notice a difference in my spelling Torrens here was formerly
Torrance McFetridge - McFetrich.

Sincerely yours
Hugh Torrens

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