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Co Derry
23 Dec 1918

H Torrance Esq
140 Washingtom Building
Los Angeles

Dear Sir

I received your letter of the 5th ultimo some time ago & must apologise
for not acknowledging it sooner, but have been trying in the meantime to
obtain some information which would be of use to you, I am afraid
however that it is rather a hopeless quest as in the Carragh alone there
are now four families bearing the name Torrens & in all the surrounding
districts, there are various Torrens families. We are all related to
each other more or less so that I feel certain we are all descended from
the one family. So far as I can ascertain there was no official record
of births & deaths kept in Ireland up to a recent period & this adds to
our difficulty in establishing proof. Added to this is the fact that all
the very old people, who could have helped us with their memory, passed
away five or six years ago. I will, however, visit all the old burying
grounds in the neighbourhood, in the hope that some of the Torrens /
Torrance / Torrence family may have headstones recording at least the
date of their birth & death & this may help us. As soon as I obtain any
useful information I will communicate with you again.

I have a daughter who resides is Glasgow & will communicate with her to
visit some of the libraries & look up the passages referred to in your
letter. She will no doubt also try to discover whether there was ever a
genealogy of the Torrance family of Scotland published. Wishing you  all
good luck in the new year and with kindest regards.

Yours very sincerely
Robt. B Torrens

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