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107 Waverley Place
April 7th, 1919

Dear Mr Torrance

Illness has prevented me from replying earlier to your very interesting

And now, since you have left the matter to my judgement I must tell you
that I  have withheld your letter to Mr Anjou and I still retain it. I
have done this because I sincerely believe that he has not the goods and
that a further pursuit in his direction would only result in a tiresome
and sterile unpleasantness.

during my interview with him I gave him every opportunity to afford us
some definite knowledge of his treasures. He has not done so.

Of course I do not want to lose any valuable information any more than
you do but I think we are taking no chance by going no further with him.
We know how he became possessed of the details which he has disclosed and
we know how faulty ?? those are.

Believe me however to be entirely at your service and I shall await your
further word regarding the matter.

In addition let me say that if there is any other direction in which I
might serve you I shall be glad to do so.

In regard to the ancestry of Lucy Peck it occurs to me that it might
possibly be worth your while to have it searched among the local
histories and genealogies in the N.Y. Public Library. Those collections
of the Library are now in charge of a Mr Henry Strippel, a young man who
years ago was my assistant. I know him to be thoroughly honest and
painstaking. Perhaps if you wrote to him offering to pay him for a
successful result he would undertake a search. I have not sen him for a
number of years and I don't know whether he does engage in such tasks but
it might be worth while to ask him.

With renewed good wishes and with the Spring greeting
Sincerely yours
Ridgeley Torrence

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