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Letter from JST to Hugh Torrens, Mayoughill

July 20th 1919

I am today writing to Mr J W Kernohan at Belfast, enclosing him copies of
the old Irish letter and making a remittance to him, as suggested in his
letter to you, which you kindly forwarded to me.

The delay in communicating with Mr. Kernohan has been occasioned by the

Several months ago a man by the name of Gustav Anjou of New York City
wrote me a letter claiming that he could supply me with the ancestry of
Robert Torrance, formerly of Mayghole, back seven generations and into
the middle of the seventeenth century. He also stated his ability to
furnish proof of consanguinuity between Robert Torrance and Sergeant Hugh
Torrance, who was the immigrant ancestor of a distinct line of Torrance's
not connected, so fat as we know, with the descendants of Robert.

There is, at this time, in New York City, a man by the name of Ridgley
Torrance, who was formerly Librarian of New York City, and who is now a
writer of drama, poetry, etc. of considerable repute, and who is
descended from an immigrant from County Derry named Aaron Torrance.

I replied to Mr. Anjou that if he could furnish the information stated to
the satisfaction of Mr. Ridgley Torrance, to whom I referred him, I would
buy his data. It seems that Mr. Ridgley Torrance was personally
acquainted with Mr. Anjou, the acquaintance dating back some twenty odd
years when Mr. Torrance was Librarian, as above stated and that
acquaintance had not impressed Mr. Torrance with Mr. Anjou's liability.
Mr. Anjou declined to allow Mr. Torrance to examine his data, and after
considerable correspondence I decided that any data he might have would
have to be thoroughly checked up at considerable expense before I would
be justified in using it.

This expense, added to the sum of money demanded by him for his data was
so large that finally, and after this long delay, I have decided to refer
the whole matter to Mr. Kernohan for his investigation rather than deal
with Mr. Anjou.

So much time has elapsed since Mr. Kernohan wrote you from Belfast that I
am sending you this letter thinking that in case he is not now in
Belfast, that you might know where he was and advise him of the fact that
a letter is at Seaford, Park Road, Belfast, for him.

Much has happened since we exchanged letters. It is good again to be at
peace, I sincerely hope that you sand your family are well and prosperous.

With kindest personal regards, believe me
Sincerely and cordially yours. 

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