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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Robert
I trust that the common ancestor some 200 years ago eliminates
the need for formalities between us.

Many thanks for your seasonable greetings and your prompt reply
to my letter to your alumni society.

My name is mentioned on page 184 para.1 of your fathers book
Son of John Morrison in the Irish line from Aghadowey. I also have a brother
Cecil Woodman born in 1922, now married with two children. Since graduating
in Dentistry I came to Bournemouth to practice, and later held a Consultant
appointment at the local hospital, for many years. Married in 1939 with two
sons, Hugh S. a doctor and lecturer in Geology at Keele University, Staffordshire
and the other an electronics engineer in manufacturing near Cambridge.
I retired in 1969.

Hugh recently was researching at a library of the Genealogical
Society in London and discovered your father's book, and was very impressed with
it. It appears to be about the only copy in the United Kingdom and not easy to
consult as London is about two hours by train. We would like very much to procure
a copy. Could you please supply or could you let us know where to get one new or
second hand (cash would be sent on receipt of a pro-forma).

We are particularly interested in the 17th century and the exit
from Scotland. Some of this information may have been included in the material
mentioned of page 297 of Jared Sydney's book 'The Descendants of Lewis Hart and Ann Elliott 1923 (a copy of which we have).

It is possible that some of this data may have been in Kernohan's
notes and not included in your father's work.

Do you know of any of the descendants of Isabel Torrence Henderson
who might be able to supply this information?

If you wish I can supply details of the Aghadowey branch
of the family

If you ever take a trip this way we would be happy to meet you.

With best wishes for the coming year.

Yours very sincerely

Robert George Torrens

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