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Robert G Torrence
Hell's Peak Road
Vermont 05148

January 12 1978

Dear Robert

Your letter of December 31st arrived
here yesterday,. I thoroughly agree with you
concerning the informalities accorded us by
our ancient ancestors. As a matter of fact
I had already located you at the place you
mention in "Torrence and Allied Families". It is
amusing that our initials are identical, a fact
that was not missed by our local postmaster.
Londonderry is a very small community.

I have a cottage here which
my family and I used as a refuge from
a rather hectic business in which I participated
after graduation from Yale University, following
service in World War II, until two years ago
when I contracted a neurological disorder, which
has greatly curtailed my activities. About
two years before then my wife of 22 years
became a member of the "liberated female"
set and we parted ways, I taking up full
time residence here in the country. Fortunately
my four children were at ages where the
situation did not greatly affect their lives.

But moving to this small house
has caused me more than a few problems.
Among them numbers the fact that most of
my father's genealogical records are in
storage in New Haven, Connecticut, my
former residence. This brings us to the
matter of the book.

Over the years since its publication it has
been in some demand and all copies are
closely held. There have also been a
number of requests for copies, which led me
in the early 70s to have it microfilmed.
Copy-flo folios can be made from the original
micro-film negative. Unfortunately the negative
is in storage and with my disability would be
difficult to retrieve. 

In 1973 when the microfilming was
done the cost for the negative was nominal
but printing the folios was in the neighbourhood
of $100. Under the circumstances I would
be happy to have another negative made,
and get new estimates of printing costs,
which I presume have risen in line with
the inflationary pressures we have experienced
here. I think we should get estimates as
they might guide you in determining whether
or not you would want to proceed with
the reproduction. This would be done by
the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania whose
copy of the book is in excellent condition. I
will write today to get these estimates. This
would actually be convenient for me as I
have been considering obtaining folios of
the book for my children.

In answer to your question about
Isobel Torrence Henderson, I regret I have
no information about her descendants and
find these is no listing for her in the
Torrance, California telephone directory. If
you like I will try to find out whether
that county has a genealogical society
and we could proceed from there.

Looking forward to hearing further
from you and with kindest personal regards

Bob Torrence

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