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Robert G Torrence
Hell's Peak Road
Vermont 05148

February 10 1978

Dear Bob

I have your letter of 2nd and am
glad to note you have obtained pertinent pages
of the book. Should the people in London ever bring
up the question of copyright laws, this will
serve as authorization to have done the xeroxing.

Your suggestion about retrieving
the microfilm from storage had of course crossed my
mind. Unfortunately I was hospitalised when my
belongings were removed from my former home and
my ex-wife did not see fit to mark the packing
cases with their contents. As there are 10 cases of
approximately 200 cubic feet each for which there
are only warehouse receipts indicating chairs, packing
cases, files etc. it would involve opening each of
them to find the film. It has been my experience
in such matters that whatever is sought usually turns
up in the last case. And the cost to open each case
if $75.

In contrast I can have the Historical
Society of Philadelphia microfilm the entire book
for $31 and am proceeding to do so. I am also
advised that the Xerox Service Center in Philadelphia
at a cost approximately that of microfilming can
prepare photo-flo copies. Shall I proceed to have
one made for you?

Concerning my father's genealogical materials
I fear I conveyed the wrong impression about them
being in storage. Following his death, representatives
of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, of which he was a
Fellow, and of the Historical Society of York County, Pennsysvania
went over his works and files and materials they considered
important went into the archives of their respective institutions.
The materials I have in storage are for the most part duplicates
and copies of carts on which I had hoped to work as I
grew along to retirement. This may come to pass this spring
as I shall then be opening the cases to locate and donate
a number of antiques and family heirlooms which
should properly be given to the York County Historical Society.

Incidentally thank you for the corrections you
noted and which have been incorporated in the master
copy of "Torrence and Allied Families". I was shaken by
your description of the shellings you witnessed. It must
have been a terrible experience - such needless waste.

I was interested in hearing of your hobbies
and can well understand the frustration of having
to allow your horticultural interests lapse. For my
part, I had never expected to end up my life living
alone and doing my own cooking and washing. Fortunately
I do have a cleaning lady who comes weekly to arrange
the dust more to her liking than mine!

My own hobbies until my disability were
largely out0of-doors in nature, fly-fishing, scuba
diving and golf all of which I have had to give up.
Over the oast two years I have been developing an
interest in numismatism, but my remote location makes
it difficult at best.

I will proceed o obtain the microfilm and
await your word about the copy. It certainly
would be nice if we could meet. I have enjoyed
this correspondence with you

With kindest personal regards


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