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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

I am sorry not to have replied sooner to your letter, but just after
receiving it we had a freak snowstorm which produced an obstruction of about
three feet around the house, as my garage is in a basement and at the foot of
a sharp rise it was impossible to get the car out for about ten days. Added to
that the snow was of the fluffy kind and clung to the branches of many of my
Rhododendrons and Camellias breaking them. This needed a long clearing up operation
and as spring has now arrived seed sowing was not to be postponed.

Many thanks for your authorization to copy your Father's book, frankly
I had not given this a thought as my xerox was not required for any commercial
purpose. Thank you also for the offer of a microfilm, which I must regretfully
decline as /i have no viewer and that would mean going about five miles and time
to refer to it. As I have a copy of the relevant matter to our Irish side
(pp 184 and index) I do not think it worth the cost of a Xerox of the rest. I can
get it done later by my son if I wish and save trouble of postage.

Have you thought of having a reprint of the whole book? There must be
many of the family who would like a copy. No doubt Historical or genealogical
Societies would handle this for you, and sell it. Possibly you could bring it up
to date with a new chapter. You could get quotations from Vantage Press inc.
516 West 34th St., New York., N.Y.10001, or perhaps you have better contacts.
I am sure that there would be some sales in this country, especially in Scotland.

I received a copy (photo) of the Torrens chart 1894 from the New York
Library and was amazed at the work and detail therein. It traces your side from
Aaron 1722.

When you get to examine your goods in store I hope you will search
for any information about the early branches of the family. There may be a clue
among your father's papers which I could follow up on this side. We now have
record offices set up in various parts of the country which are collecting
papers of historic interest. What we really have to do is to try to establish
the connection with the Lanark branch, this may be difficult, but it might be
possible. In the last few years the collection of such material has been
encouraged. It just needs a pointer to know where to look.

Were you able to trace Isabel Sarah Torrance Henderson and her
offspring. as they may have some of the Kernohan Material which has not been

Do you know where Jared Sydney's material went? his sons did not
survive him. He was also in contact with Kernohan and therefore there may be
some forgotten information in his notes.

How bad is your disability? is it possible that you could take a
trip over here, we would be glad to have you for a short stay, and the visit to
Scotland would probably do you good, and a little research would not hurt.

Incidentally the old seat Torrance Castle is described in the Fortified
House in Scotland by Nigel Tranter Vol 3 South West Scotland Pub Oliver & Boyd
p.144 Torrance Castle. It was used to house the development offices for the
New Town of East Kilbride which absorbed the parish of Torrence. So it is no
longer private domain. This was the first of the New Towns in Britain.

That's all this time, with hopes that a reissue of your father's book will be successful.


R G Torrens

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