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Robert G Torrence
Hell's Peak Road
Vermont 05148

July 27 1978

Dear Bob

I appear to be about a month behind in acknowledging
your last letter. Thank you for the biographical material. It
is a pleasure to have so distinguished a "cousin". I am taking the
liberty of enclosing something which will, tell you a little
about me in more prosperous days.

It certainly would be a clear "break through" if
the connection between the Torrences of Scotland and those
of Northern Ireland could be satisfactorily established. The
circumstantial evidence of identical names, especially that
unique one of Mungo Torrence is very strong. I was
interested to see the Torrence triangle depicted on a modern
map. I have no idea where my father located his information
however. The pity of it is that from my departure to boarding
school at age 14, through the war and my marriage and
professional travels which were exhaustive, I spent little
time in Baltimore and was not at all close to his work.

As I believe I hove written you my efforts to
locate anything li