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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

Yours of the 27th July received safely with enclosures, which were
interesting. Yesterday we went to Bath (60 miles away) to a party to launch
my Son's book (Hugh) on 'The Evolution of a Family Firm, Stodart & Pitt'.
This firm had lost most of its history of nearly 200 years and Hugh has been
researching and writing this reconstruction. It was a very good party with
Champagne and luncheon laid on.

The idea of a One Name Society is as the words imply, a society which
researches and produces data about one name. There are many in England. The
rules are decided by members but there is a sub to cover costs of periodic
publications &c.

I am still anxious to trace the material mentioned by Kernohan (see
p. 197 of the Hart book). This was produced about 1920 and as most of the source
material was burned in the 1921-22 rebellion it is of utmost importance that this
data is recovered. Jared had it, as also Mrs. Torrens Henderson (died 1937).
A copy no doubt was in your father's material. Is it possible that the Historical
Society have this. If so could you get a copy?

I recently found a copy of a book by Kernohah which corrected an error,
Hugh in the hearth Tax Roll of 1663 is mentioned both in your father's and
Jared's book as of Caheny and Culnamen, as if they were the same parish. In fact
the first is in the parish of Aghadowey and the latter is in another parish
of Desertoghill. This makes two Hughs instead of one. Also the latter was also
on the Subsidy Roll which makes him the most substantial man in the parish.

The connection with Mungo is somewhat tenuous as he does not appear
to have had any descendants. Hugh's brother Alexander of Carnroe followed him
to Ireland. Sargeant Hugh seems to be a relative.

Our relative in Edinburgh sent me the result of his researches,
about 700-800 extract from records, I am busy making an index of these notes
and hope soon to be able to connect the two lines. I am sure that if I could get
the Kernohan material some detail would be found. There is no doubt that
both Jared and your father, did not have access to the data about Scotland that
has recently come my way. All we want is that vital link or clue to connect the two.

Yours sincerely


R G Torrens

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