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Robert G Torrence
Hell's Peak Road
Vermont 05148

June 16 1979

Dear Bob

Shortly after your letter of March 14th
was received, word came to me that my daughter
Serena, aged 16, had been diagnosed as suffering
from anorexia nervosa. I had noticed when
she visited me briefly early in February that she
was not eating well, but a rather precipitous
weight loss developed over the ensuing weeks.
Ad I am sure you know anorexia is a very
complex disease and difficult to treat. My time
has been completely devoted to the problem,
appointments with cadres of specialists, psychiatrists,
medical men, etc Serena's weight dropped to
70 pounds before we were able to get her
satisfactorily hospitalized about three weeks
ago. A long stay is envisioned. perhaps
six months or more. At $300 per day, not
counting psychiatrists fees, you can understand
the devastating effect both emotional and financial,
as here usual health insurance runs
about 120 days and superimposed "major
medical2 coverage is restricted to paying only
about 40% of cost for another 120 days.

I have done nothing other than be
involved with this crisis since hearing from
you. Now that Serena is in good hands,
there is little more her family can do
for her. I have a drastic need to
turn my mind back to other matters and
will be trying to obtain the information you mentioned
and will be in touch with you.

Meanwhile I hope all is well with you and yours.



P.S. My belongings, including father's papers
are due to come up here and out of
storage in July.

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