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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.

July 1979 (cc is undated)

Dear Bob

I was shocked to receive your news about your daughter, her
condition requires very careful handling, and no doubt you have some of the
best specialists in USA. Medical costs are very frightening and you have my
sympathy. Even over here the private hospitalization runs to over 120 per day,
plus expenses. Even though we have a fairly comprehensive National Health
Service, this is often considered inadequate by some. The cure of her condition
could be accelerated if her inner consciousness could be stimulated into
helping itself. Without this the use of drugs alone can be difficult and
prolonged. Her age seems to suggest that the separation may have helped to
worry her. Best wishes for her speedy recovery.

My wife and I have just returned from a three week holiday touring
Scotland, we visited the old Torrens Castle and found it to be very derelict,
all the windows are bricked up, and a golf clubhouse has been built adjoining,
and not at all in keeping. The estate seems to have become a sporting centre
for East Kilbride. We met in Edinburgh Richard who has done a great deal of
research into family history, he has traced a number of the early families
to areas nearby. We visited the Mitchel Library in Glasgow where I got copies
from some of the books mentioned by your father.

I am glad that you are getting your cases home to examine. As you
have enough on your mind at present, I will not bother you with family
matters. When you get around to examining his papers perhaps you will let me
know and I will tell you which information I require.

I would like a copy of the history of the family by Elizabeth H.K.
Torrens, and would pay for a xerox. I now have managed to get a copy of the
book mentioned in my last letter by Ada Sarah Louise Torrens, which is quite
interesting, but is about a line from Co. Londonderry in 1789 and so far
not otherwise recorded.

With best wishes to yourself and a speedy recovery for Susan.



R G Torrens

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