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Robert G Torrence
Hell's Peak Road
Vermont 05148

November 1 1979

Dear Bob

Thank you for your interest in my
daughter expressed in your letter of October 10th.
It has been a devastating experience. Serena
spent almost four months in the hospital and
is now back at school but undergoing a program
of psychotherapy. She is still far too thin
and continues to be anorexic in outlook. We
are by no means out of the woods.

I have been going through the matertials
of my father which were in storage. These
consist mostly of charts, work-sheets  dating
back I suspect to the thirties. Most of the
charts and work-sheets were rolled and
are in very fragile condition. So far I
have found no notes of Kernohan.

To date I have written to the
Town Clerk in College Station. Pa. in hopes
tracing Mrs. Balthasar and Mrs. Nelson.
Also have written ro Security Pacific National's
Chief Trust Officer concerning Childs and Vosburgh.
So far no reply in either case, but my
letters have not been returned by the Post
Office, perhaps a hopeful sign.

Next I will write to the Town Clerks
in Abington and Ausable Forks to see if
they have any records of descendants of Frank
and Fred. It will be interesting to see
what their records may hold. Abington's
population is 3900; Ausable, 2000. I
know the place - center of the best
fishing in the Adirondaks and once purchased a
fishing license from the Town Clerk there. I
doubt we will glean much from this possible source.

I will be in touch as soon as I have
something to report.

Meanwhile with best wishes



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