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Dear Bob

Many thanks for your letter and card received just before we left
for Cambridge to pay a visit to our younger son, whose wife has just
produced a second grandson for us, the other by out eldest son is one
just a year old.

Thanks for the address of Barbara Nelson, I enclose copy of letter
to her. This is rather strange as earlier this year I had correspondence
with the head of The State Room at the university. He gave me the addresses
of four Balthasers, and I did not know which one to contact as they were all
male and there was no indication which wife was Jean. He also gave me the
details of a cousin Cecil M (Allied Families p. 115) born 1910, I wrote to
him last May but have not had a reply. Curious that he at the university dd not
check on the Nelsons.

I also enclose a chart which taken from two wills shows the
connection with Scotland. These wills are in your father's book and the
other in Jared's. I hope to trace these brothers Hugh and Alexander by
means of the details I got from Richard of Edinburgh. However records of
the 1600 era are difficult to find.

Last February I wrote to The Security National.Bank at
Passadena, but received the rather curt reply that the descendants of
Mrs.Helen Childs Torrens were of her first husband and therefore were
in no way related to my family. I also tried the North West Museum of
which Jared was a founder but they were no help also. Those records of
Kernohan must have gone somewhere, I wonder where?

I hope your enquiries bring forth some results.

I trust that your daughter is now on the way to normality and her
recovery will be complete.

Is your book nearly finished? If so make sure that you get a good
publisher. Some of them are not so good. The fact that authors are known
as properties speaks for itself.

My book seems to be going fairly well, it sold nearly 2,000 copies
last year. Unfortunately it was first published before the big increase in
costs and sells at $3.95., which at 10% does not return vast sums as some
of the more recently published tomes would.

That's about all this time, with best wishes

Yours sincerely


R G Torrens

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