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Postcard from

Robert G Torrence


Dear Bob

Again I must beg your indulgence.
Just after the first we had a crisis with
my anorexic daughter as she fell to critical
weight, necessitating a trip to New Haven and
consultation as to hospitalization and whether
general or psychiatric. This is still unresolved
but obviously the past six months of treatment have
not been profitable. Miserable situation,

I have all  these Kernohan paper here
on my desk, a stack about 1 inches high
including many other letters which I suspect may
be of interest to you. As I am unhappily not my
father's own in the genealogically scientific sense if
you are agreeable I would suggest that I post
the entire bunch carefully and airmail them over
to you for perusal. In this way you could have
copied exactly what you want.

I will await your word on this and then
act promptly

Apologising again for the delay,

Very very wishes,


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