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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

Thank you very much for the parcel of letters, which arrived
a few days ago. I am sorry not to have replied sooner but I had to
visit Bournemouth, which is about 10 miles away, to get the dollars
to cover cost of postage. Please accept with many thanks.

I was very glad to get the material, especially the copies of
Jared's letters to Kernohan. I had been looking for these for over
two years, so far without success. It will take me quite some time
to study all the material, as there is quite a lot not previously
included in either Jared's or your father's book.

Again with many thanks and best wishes for your daughter's speedy
recovery. I was sorry to learn that she had a relapse.

Yours very sincerely


R G Torrens

$10 enclosed.

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