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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

I trust that by now your daughter has recovered and once more
is in good health. I also hope that the same applies to you.

Again many thanks for the copies you sent, I had been trying to
get these for over two years without success. Most of the family to whom I
wrote did not even bother to reply to my letters. Now that I have had time
to examine the material I am impressed with the detailed efforts that Kernohan
put into his research. Especially when you realise that shortly after he
concluded his work a lot of these records were destroyed in the burning of
the Four Courts in 1922. Indeed we are very lucky to have them and their
wealth of detail about the family To ensure that they will not again get
lost we have had three copies made, one for myself, one for my eldest son
Hugh and the third for my brother Cecil. I think that the originals should
be deposited with one of the Genealogical Societies, possibly the London
one which already has a copy of your father's book. This would make certain
that it would be available for posterity.

There are still two books on the family I wish to get copies of,
both mentioned in the list of family data I sent you with my letter date
1.10.79, in the first and last paragraphs. Do you know where I could get these,
there is no ,mention of them in the National Union Catalog with its
nearly 600 volumes.

About the time of my previous letter to you, I was incapacitated
with a slight stroke, from which I am slowly recovering. This delayed my
examination of the papers you sent. I now have a chance to reexamine the
data collected. I have discovered that there were at least three Roberts
who lived at Hairmyers (Now the seat of a large Hospital), this takes the
family tree back to at least 1497. The details about the Torrance Triangle
are still obscure, except that the family lost the estate by marriage at
about 1468. Details are very difficult to find before 1600 as most
people could not write,

I trust that you received my letter dated 27.2.80.

That's about all this time hoping that your troubles are now
at an end and that you and your daughter will enjoy good health in future,

Yours sincerely


R G Torrens

* In data supplied from Edinburgh records.

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