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Robert G Torrence
Hell's Peak Road
Vermont 05148

June 21 1980

Dear Bob

Have just received your letter of
6 June and am distressed to learn of your
problems. I do sincerely hope the recovery
will be complete.

I now realise I never acknowledged
your letter which arrived while my
daughter was again hospitalised and stayed
so for almost three months. Since then
there has been slow but encouraging progress,
still a matter of gain and loss. Somehow
she managed to complete her school year. Now
we are cautiously hopeful that she is fending
her way out of the maze. The expenses have
been enormous.

About all I have come up with
concerning the two works which you seek is
the address of Frank Torrence's daughter Barbara,
now Mrs Paul E Nelson. 535 Outer Drive
State College, PA 16501 which my records
indicate I sent to you on 12 November '79. Letters
of inquiry to the Town Offices of Abington Ill and
Ausable Forks, N.Y. brought no response. Mr John
Ward, Jr. of Security Pacific National Bank "passed
my letter along to members of the family" and
there has been nothing from them, whoever they
may be, as I have no inkling whether Herbert
Childs or Mrs R Vosburgh survive. In view
of your sources research I really do not know
where else to turn.

I have been slowed down quite a
lot with chronic ventricular problems for
the past six weeks. Will just no go away even
with straight dieting.

health concerns will soon compel me
to leave the country sanctuary for a location
near to first class medical care. I am 65 miles
from a major medical center. when the move comes
I will advise you of the change of address.

I agree with your thoughts about the
eventual disposition of the Kernohan papers and
notes, but would appreciate copies, which I did
not retain, in case one of my four children
develop an interest in the family genealogy.

In late April I finally received
from Xerox photo-flo copies of "T & A Families"
and will be happy to send you one should
you be interested - I recall you mentioning that
you have the parts of particular importance to
you photocopied. Do let me know.

With every good wish and hope
for your continued return to full health,



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