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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

Many thanks for your letter, I am glad to learn that your daughter is
at last making progress and hope that it continues. I as sorry to learn that you
are now under the weather and hope your troubles will not be prolonged.

There is no use for any further contact with the Nelson crowd. They are
not even polite enough to answer letters. I had four addresses from the Penn
State Room of the Balthazars, but expect that the answer would be te same as
her sister. In any case the Kernohan material you sent is no doubt that
mentioned by Jared p.296-7 and on p.184 of your father's book as provided by
Isobel Henderson. This material is no doubt the fons et origo of our family
data in Ireland, most of which has been incorporated in Jared's and your father's
books. I have not yet decided whether to let London have these notes or to
let them go to the Scottish Society. Richard Torrence of whom I told you is
a Council member of the latter and would see to it that they are well kept.

He sent me an analysis of his researches into the Scottish records
and produced nearly 800 mentions of our family, going back to the 14th cent.
Among these I have found the enclosed list which is an obvious connection,
The same place just 4 miles from the Castle, and the same latinised spelling
which is unusual except in Ireland.

I do not now if you see the National Geographic Magazine but in
the issue for Jan. 1979 there was a map of Los Angeles showing the Torrance
area clearly and quite large. What an interesting man Jared must have been.
I got a copy of his book from his wife in 1929, but as I was busy staring
practise in Bournemouth did not follow up as I would then not have had all
the trouble to find the Kernohan material.

Many thanks for your offer of Xerox copy of T&7AF, which I would
very much appreciate. Your father made a  very good job of his book, and it is
a pity that it is not better known.

I wonder if your local librarian could trace the two works
mentioned in my last letter (and in detail 1.10.79). There may be a more
recent catalog than that I mentioned last time. Otherwise your father no
doubt had these and they may be at the Genealogical Soc of Pennsylvania or
one of the other societies to which your father joined. See frontispiece to
his book.

I trust that you will not have o move, Remember that diet is a mot
important factor in your condition. Although living alone will often cause
a strain in diet this will have to be firmly watched if you are tom improve
and medical care alone will not improve your condition sufficiently.

With all good wishes for a complete and permanent improvement in
you and your daughter's health

Yours as always


R G Torrens

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