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January 27 1981

Dear Bob

Well on the way, "TAF" departed
this morning via air parcel post. Perhaps you
shall have the copy-flo in hand within a
week or two - hopefully in good condition.
As the pages are not bound, I have hesitated
to send it loosely packed. I just hope the
final improvision of necessity, so to speak, holds
up. happily Christmas brought a box that
seemed offer protective possibilities.

Your card contained most exiting
news, tracing back to near the castle
circa 1500. I would be most grateful to
know the details. If I understand correctly you
have substantiated the missing linkage, Scotland
to No. Ireland. One matter has always puzzled
me: the coat of arms shown on my father's book
and in Burke's section on American families bears
no similarity to the one appearing on the castle shown
in motion pictures I took them in 1948. It suggests
to me that Torrences rewarded by the Rathlin
voyage were not line descendants so to speak
and I am wearing a signet ring to which I have
little claim.

Hope all is well with you and again
repeat profound apologies for the great length
of time devoured in sending TAF to you.

Wish best wishes


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