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Carbon copy, letter to Robert Grier Torrence.


Dear Bob

Early last week I sent you a book recently published on Anorexia
Nervosa which I hope will interest you. I have not had time to read it
but it has been well reviewed.

A day or so later I received your parcel which arrived in good
condition. I am sorry to say that I cannot say the same about the contents.
Some of the pages were very badly copied, two are returned as samples.

  after p. 10 History of Rutherglen p. 156. very indistinct
           16 Map indistinct
           38 inserts after indistinct (copies enclosed)
           301 diagram indistinct, letter almost unreadable
           400 and next page, castles almost indistinct.

I have not enclosed the others as postage is so high, If you could have
reasonable copies made I would be much obliged. Otherwise Many thanks, and if 
you let me know how much I owe you.

Shortly afterwards your letter arrived. The crest you sent, similar
to that in TAF, is not authentic. In fact several crests are recorded but
none are accepted. The V. Rev Thomas Torrence of Edinburgh had one registered
but I have not seen it. They seem to refer to the legend but that has no

The details of family matters which I have discovered so far
are enclosed. I hope they show that we are Scottish and not Irish. I think
you already have a tree I made up from Jared's book and your father's. This
ties up with the modern tree I sent you. The tree of Alexander has a gap as
it is not known which of the three Alexanders is the connecting link.
However this is an almost complete record from 1497. I think it will be very
difficult to get it any further.

I hope that your daughter is now completely recovered and that you
are again enjoying good health.

Yours very sincerely


R G Torrens

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