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Robert G. Torrens
Blake Hill - Route 4 East
Vermont 05091

February 24 1891

Dear Bob

Sunday night I returned from a bit
of family visiting and found Dr Palmer's
book awaiting me. It as so very thoughtful
of you to send it. Though I have read a
great deal about the disease over the past two
agonizing years his is the most comprehensive
I have encountered and has collected the
most recent reviews and developments. Unhappily
reduced to the essentials about the only real
point of professional agreement is the anorexia
nervosa is perplexing and eludes treatment.
Recovery if it is to come apparently must
rise from the patient's own motivation.
Serena certainly is better. By that I mean
she knows just how to maintain enough
weight to stay out of hospital, but there
progress stops. It causes great sadness.

I am distressed to learn from your
letter received yesterday that Xerox did
such a miserable job on TAF. When thy
reproduced the negative several years
ago, the results were excellent and
this time it never occurred to mr to
check through the copy flo. I am mortified
especially compounded by the guilt I feel
at having taken so long in getting the
reproduction to you. The fault is not in
the film. But I must say that poor
quality is not nowadays unusual here
in the U.S. ranging from kiln dried
lumber to automobiles and electric toasters.
Sad, but true.

I have taken TAF down to our local library and
enclosed are the results of direct xeroxing the specific
pages you mentioned. If you will send me other
examples I will do the same, while exploring with
Xerox centre the overall problem. A process which
will be a stretched out one I am sure.

Concerning the crest, about which I have always
had questions, I wonder why Burke's included
in in Landed gentry. I would presume they
would not print something unauthenticated, yet
there it is. Copy enclosed. My sons and I wear
copies of Dad's signet ring and I have always
been uncomfortable about sporting the wrong
school tie, so to speak.

I am grateful to receive the other information
which you sent and, as yet, I have had no
time to peruse wishing to get these enclosures
to you as quickly as possible.

Hoping all is well with you and yours
and with sincere best wishes

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